It is imperative that Associations, Leagues and Clubs undertake significant planning in relation to their facilities especially as continual pressure is placed on them to become financially sustainable.

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Extensive planning and consultation is essential in ensuring the success of a development project. Analysing the needs of the organisation as well as rallying community support are important factors in driving and implementing a successful project. These elements are crucial if additional funding is a key ingredient to achieving the development of the facility.

Below are various resources that will assist you in developing your facility and ensuring the long term success of the project.

If you have any questions, are seeking a support letter, or would like advice in regards to developing your local netball facility please contact Netball Victoria on (03) 9321 2222.

Download: Support Letter

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Facilities Manual (2017)

The Facilities Manual (co-funded by Sport and Recreation Victoria and Netball Victoria) was released 30 March 2017 for the use by organisations who are planning to redevelop and existing netball venue or construct a replacement or new netball venue.

The Facilities Manual covers areas of facility planning, essential and desirable facility components, netball facility hierarchy, technical data, court specifications and suggested concept plans for pavilions.

If you require any information or support on implementing these recommendations, please contact the facilities team at Netball Victoria.

Download: Facilities Manual

Download: Facilities Manual (Printable version)

Compliance Resources and Specifications

Netball courts are a major investment and an important community asset. Netball courts should be built following the best industry construction standards for a long term outcome. The following compliance fact sheet has been created to provide you with the most up to date standards required by Netball Victoria when redeveloping or constructing new netball court facilities.
Download: Compliance Fact Sheet

Netball Australia’s National Facilities Policy provides netball in Australia with an overarching framework to guide facility planning and development. It has been developed with a specific focus on improving facility planning and development practices and providing guidance that can be applied nationally.

These guidelines provide very detailed facility design guidance including core and optional components of a facility along with proposed preferred square metre allowances or estimates for these components.
Download: Netball Australia’s National Facilities Policy

Universal Design Principles

Universal Design allows everyone, regardless of age or ability, to access buildings, transport, products and services without the need for specialised or adapted features. While the concept of Universal Design emerged primarily with people with disability in mind, Universal Design helps everyone with support and assistance needs, including the elderly, pregnant women, children and people with a temporary illness or injury. Thus the benefits of implementing Universal Design are invaluable.

Applying the principles of Universal Design enables a diverse population to improves health, wellness and social participation outcomes such as:

  • Equitable use – the design does not disadvantage or stigmatise any group of users.
  • Flexibility in use – the design accommodates a wide range of individual presences and abilities.
  • Simple and intuitive use – use of the design is easy to understand, regardless of the user’s experience, knowledge, language skills, or current concentration level.
  • Perceptible Information – the design communicates necessary information effectively to the user, regardless of ambient conditions or the user’s sensory abilities.
  • Tolerance for error – the design minimises hazards and the adverse consequences do accidental or unintended actions.
  • Low Physical effort – the design can be used efficiently and comfortably, and with a minimum of fatigue.
  • Size and Space for Approach and use – appropriate size and space is provided for   approach/reach/manipulation, and use, regardless of the user’s body size, posture, or mobility.

By applying these principles of Universal Design you can achieve the following goals within any design:

  • Body fit – accommodating a wide a range of body sizes and abilities;
  • Comfort – keeping demands within desirable limits of strength and stamina;
  • Awareness – insuring that critical information for use is easily perceived;
  • Understanding – making methods of operation and use intuitive, clear and unambiguous;
  • Social integration – treating all groups with dignity and respect;
  • Personalization – incorporating opportunities for choice and the expression of individual preferences; and
  • Cultural appropriateness – respecting and reinforcing positive cultural value

Universal Design can be applied to all fields of design, including but not limited to product design, interactive design, architecture and urban planning.

Click here for the Design for Everyone guide. This guide is a recently released information source that can assist with the design and development of indoor and outdoor sport, recreation and open spaces.

Netball Lighting

In addition to the Netball Court Planning Guide the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure has designed a Football & Netball Lighting Guide. The guide offers case studies and diagrams to help clarify the key questions that face clubs and/or councils to ensure the success of lighting projects.

Download: Football Netball Lighting Guide (2011)

Download: Football Netball Soccer Lighting Guide (2012)

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Facility Audit

The health and safety of members is a primary concern to Netball Victoria. Every Club / Association / League has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for players, coaches, umpires and spectators, not only to reduce the potential of injury but also to meet its legal duty of care.

The purpose of a Court Audit is to assess the condition of netball court surface, verify if court dimensions meet netball Victoria requirements, advise on safety and compliance and provide advice on options when rectifications are required.

Netball Victoria encourages each Club / Association / League to complete a self-assessment audit on all their facilities.

The template below is provided for you to undertake the initial assessment. Once completed, please forward the audit to your Regional Development Manager at Netball Victoria to assess the situation from here.

Download: Facility Audit Template

Facility Advisory Services – 2MH

Netball Victoria Technical Services provide a technical consultancy service for the design and project management of netball court construction. Netball Victoria’s partnership with 2MH Consulting makes available the latest technical requirements for netball court construction and a close working relationship with the Netball Industry to ensure a quality outcome.

To start the process, please complete this initial enquiry form below. These details you provide, help both Netball Victoria and 2MH get an idea of the project and most importantly, your future goals.

Or alternatively you can contact 2MH directly via their website.

Download: Technical Services Enquiry Template

2MH’s primary areas of expertise are in the provision of the following services:

• Providing technical advice on behalf of Netball Victoria via email and phone to assist the direction of a project.
• Auditing and reporting on existing netball facilities – courts, infrastructure (goals, fencing, shelters, lights), clubhouses etc. We identify issues and safety problems and areas of non-compliance.
• Preparing Masterplan documents for sites showing the inclusion of netball facilities – courts, shelters, clubhouses
• Planning of new facilities or remedial works for old
• Designing new facilities, preparing all drawings and specifications
• Assisting with contactor selection while on tender panels for clubs, councils, clients. Advising upon the best contractor to be appointed.
• Project Managing works – delivery of all netball related works, ensuring safe work sites, quality works delivery, meeting price and timelines.

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