Reminder umpires and coaches need a full membership

Can you please ensure your umpires and coaches have a full senior or junior membership.

We are seeing an increasing amount of coaches and umpires purchasing an “off the court” membership.

See below an excerpt from the 2019 Affiliation & Membership Policy listing the categories and a definition of each to help alleviate any confusion in the future.

It would be appreciated If you could also communicate this to your club and team contacts.


As an affiliate of Netball Victoria, your participants (players, coaches, umpires) must all be individual members of Netball Victoria under one of the following categories:

Category Definition Cost (incl GST)
Senior Players, Umpires, Coaches & Bench Officials born on or before 31/12/2001 (18 years & over) $76.00
Junior Players, Umpires, Coaches & Bench Officials born between 01/01/2002 – 31/12/2008 (11-17 years) $56.00
All Abilities Members with a disability (on receipt of valid ID) $56.00
NetSetGO 5-10 years of age for those born on or after 01/01/2009.

Refers to the ALL participants in the Net Tier (Skills and Activities) as well as the Set and GO Tiers (modified competition 9/U).


Please note: This price is inclusive of the participant pack

Off the Court Committee Members, Administrators, Volunteers, Parents & Spectators (noting players, coaches, umpires and bench officials must be a current Senior, Junior or AA member) $44.00


2019 Affiliation & Membership Policy

The 2019 Affiliation & Membership Policy and affiliation process has now been finalised.

Netball Victoria communicated to our affiliates in October that a new payment structure will be launched in 2019, which will see affiliates divided into three categories – small, medium and large associations/leagues.

Affiliation fees allow Netball Victoria to continue to deliver a range of services, including training and education sessions, resources and templates, and advocating for netball funding across the state.

The size of each association is determined by the number of registrations in 2018, both primary and
secondary. These figures have been extracted from MyNetball. Please see categories and sizes below:

2019 Affiliation Process: New Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

Alongside the change to our affiliate structure, Netball Victoria will now be using a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to collect important contact, competition, facility and governance information from each affiliate.  The new system will also be used to facilitate a more streamlined process for each affiliate to read, agree and accept the 2019 Affiliation & Membership Policy – essential to confirm affiliation with Netball Victoria for 2019.

The CRM enables Netball Victoria to obtain more timely and relevant information from affiliates to better support the provision of services from Netball Victoria.  Importantly it also ensures that Netball Victoria has the most up to date contact details for each affiliate therefore improving the effectiveness and efficiency of Netball Victoria communications.

As such, each affiliate is responsible for ensuring all information in the CRM is always kept up to date. For example, key position holders and their contact details can be updated straight after AGMs.   It provides each affiliate with the ability to store and maintain all relevant information on their organisation.  For example, affiliate constitutions and by-laws will be required to be uploaded into the CRM.


Netball Victoria has already created a record for each affiliated association and league in the CRM.

The link below provides each affiliate with a Quick Reference Guide with step by step instructions on how to log into the CRM and also enter and update all the relevant details required.

You will notice that some information has been uploaded for you already – we request that you check and update/change any pre-entered information and then complete the steps to enter further information on your competitions, facilities etc.

We have uploaded the Netball Victoria 2019 Affiliation and Membership Policy into your organisation’s record.  An authorised representative from your organisation is required to read the document and confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Affiliation Agreement for 2019. This authority,  together with payment of the 2019 affiliation invoice,  will confirm your affiliation with Netball Victoria for 2019.

Please note that the information collected in the CRM will managed in accordance with the Netball Victoria privacy policy

Click here to download the 2019 affiliation and membership policy.