MyNetball is a national technology platform designed to improve the administrator and player experience in the sport of netball.

What is MyNetball?

Netball Australia, in conjunction with the member organisations, has developed as system usable across all areas of the game. 

MyNetball aims to bridge the gap between administrators and participants in a format that will connect the broader netball community.

Within MyNetball you can update personal details, sign-up to your team’s fixtures and results plus much more!

From players to umpires, coaches and committees, MyNetball will give everyone the tools they need to maximise their netball experience by giving you greater control.

Benefits of MyNetball:

  • Online registration and online payments
  • More intuitive competition management
  • Greater access to results and fixtures through various technology platforms
  • Integrated ability to communicate to clubs through email and SMS
  • Automated umpire scheduling with availability settings
  • Increased flexibility over the style and information on your websites
  • Better people management and ability for participants to manage their own contact information
  • Less administration for clubs, associations and/or leagues which means more time to enjoy our great game!

Associations and leagues can decide how registrations are set up within their organisation (if it is at club level or not) but Netball Victoria would recommend that all clubs have their own registration form(s).

The benefits of having clubs using online registrations is that they can include club membership in the registrations, sell uniform items and can monitor registrations coming through and work closely with unregistered members to get them registered.

Now that we have transitioned onto split payments, the clubs being set up will lessen the administrative burden on the association or league as there is no more invoicing. 

Menu Modes Explained

Your level of access, if you are an association/league or a club, will determine what menu modes you can see at the top right of the screen.

If you are an association or league, you will see management or participation

If you are a club, you will not have any modes.

The management mode is for functions relating to the setup and management of a competition and player registration. Clubs do not perform these functions which is why they do not have access to this mode.

The participation mode is for functions relating to participation in a competition. This is the only mode clubs have access to.

Glossary of Terms

New MyNetball enhancements

During this time, InteractSport will be releasing Version 7 of ResultsVault (RV7), a major upgrade to our administration interface.

This review will see the platform be refreshed, which includes:

  • User Interface (UI) improvements
  • User Experience (UX) improvements
  • More sophisticated and accessible data


End users have identified several key aspects of the platform to update, with the aim to improve the experience for users when engaging with our products.


Developing a more streamlined and accessible product creating a more user friendly solution for both administrators and consumers.

What is not changing?

  • Data within the system
  • Organisation, affiliation and hierarchy
  • Configuration of competitions/ registrations
  • Inheriting configuration
  • Functionality within the pages
  • Participant portal and public portal

MyNetball Training & Education:

In light of these changes Netball Victoria is currently working through updating all our support documentation and are preparing to offer MyNetball training sessions.

Netball Victoria will host face to face and webinar MyNetball Training in November and December on the enhancements and changes.

All MyNetball training held at Netball Victoria in October will be cancelled due to the updates.

Netball Victoria will be working feverishly over the coming month to update all of our training resources online.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Member Services on 9321 2255 or