Registering your Suncorp NetSetGO Centre

The below checklist outlines the steps required to register your Suncorp NetSetGO Centre:

Online Payment Gateway

The online payment gateway, allows the Suncorp NetSetGO centre to collect payments online. By having an active gateway, it enables participants to be registered and paid within the one process.

Click here to apply for the online payment gateway.

Please allow two (2) weeks for the payment gateway to be made active to your organisation on MyNetball.

Should your centre not have an active payment gateway, it is the centres responsibility to collect payments offline.

It is important for you to remember the bank account details entered as full payment will be made directly into the bank account you specify. Netball Victoria will then invoice you accordingly.

Payment Gateway Processing Fee

The payment processing fee is set at $0.31 + 1.78%, this fee is levied on the ‘merchant’ (or centre).

For example: your Suncorp NetSetGO centre charges participants $100, the centre will receive $98.25. If you decide to add on the 1.78% at time of payment, there would be a charge of $100 plus a processing fee of $1.78 to the participant.

To overcome this, centres can indicate a fee slightly greater to ‘hide’ the fee within it. For example: a centre indicates a fee of $102, after the processing fee is deducted, the centre will still receive $100.25

Suncorp NetSetGO Participant Registration

All NetSetGO participants are required to self-register into their chosen NetSetGO program. Once the NetSetGO centre has registered online, the program will be open for registrations through the Suncorp NetSetGO website. To register participants will need to use their Netball Victoria Member ID that can be found on any previous membership card. Alternatively NetSetGO Centre Coordinators can find participant ID’s and logins through the process outlined in in this training video.

Please refer any participants experiencing issues with logging in to the quick reference guide on participant logins.

Suncorp NetSetGO Participant Packs

In 2017 the Suncorp NetSetGO participant pack includes a size 4 Gilbert netball and a NetSetGO t-shirt.

Suncorp NetSetGO Participant packs will be automatically ordered and delivered to the participant within 21 days of their registration. Due to the direct delivery it is importnt that all details provided in MyNetball at the time of registration are up-to-date. Any packs that are undeliverable will be re-directed to the address provided for the centre in the MyNetball system for the centre coordinator to then pass on to the participant.

Each participant will receive an email indicating when their pack has been dispatched along with a tracking number. If there are any issues with the delivery, please ensure the participant has contacted their local post office and the centre coordiantor to see if their pack has been collected, otherwise please contact Netball Victoria to further investigate.

PLEASE NOTE: The Netball Australia $21 fee is non-refundable once the participant pack has been ordered.

Suncorp NetSetGO Centre Equipment Kit

Every registered Suncorp NetSetGO centre will receive either a centre equipment kit or equipment voucher to assist with the delivery of NetSetGO. The equipment is distributed based on the number of years your centre has delivered the Suncorp NetSetGO Program and outlined below:

Year 1 Equipment Kit:

Positional bibs (2 sets)

Mesh bibs (2 sets)
Bean bags (x 15)
Spike balls (x 5)
Skipping Ropes (x 5)
Hoola Hoops (x5)

Mesh carry bag (x1)

2nd, 3rd & 4th Year Equipment Kits:

$75 RHS Online voucher to be used online. This voucher will be emailed to the centre coordinator prior to the program start date and provide further details on how to redeem your equipment.

**Please note Centres will receive the 1st Year Equipment Kit in their 5th year of delivery.

NetSetGO Resources

All Suncorp NetSetGO centres will be provided with access to the NetSetGO resources page, which provides session plans, marketing collateral and helpful coaching tips.

If you haven’t received your password, please contact Netball Victoria on 03 9321 2246 or

Getting to Know NetSetGO

Netball Victoria encourages all Suncorp NetSetGO coaches, coordinators, volunteers and parents to complete Netball Australia’s online learning module – Getting to know NetSetGO.

Getting to know NetSetGO is Netball Australia’s free online learning module. The fun and interactive module explains the importance of modified sport, and is available to anyone wanting to learn more about Suncorp NetSetGO.

Click here for further information on how to access the online learning module