Kaylea McQuade awarded with elite coaching accreditation

Boroondara Express and champion Victorian 19/U’s coach, Kaylea McQuade has received her Elite coaching accreditation – the second highest accreditation in the coaching pathway.

After starting the accreditation three years ago, McQuade was relieved to be able to hand in each of the booklets and receive the good news on Sunday.

Having ruptured her ACL at 18, McQuade began coaching in an elite environment after completing her studies at Loughborough University, where she stayed on as the netball coach, providing an insight into a high performance environment with a few of the players connected to the Super Netball League in the UK.

McQuade has coached the likes of Jo Harten, Jodie Gibson and Jade Clarke who have all gone on to represent England in international tournaments.

She was then appointed the Republic of Ireland international coach and was there for two years.

“It was a great experience where I made a lot of contacts on an international stage,” McQuade said.

McQuade then ventured to New Zealand where she coached as an apprentice alongside Julie Fitzgerald with Magic before coming to Australia

After arriving in Australia McQuade began coaching with the Melbourne University Lighting Victorian Netball League side, where she stayed for three years before being offered a role as head coach at Boroondara Express.

“I feel like I’ve had quite a lucky coaching experience, where I’ve definitely taken risks along the way to try and get the best opportunities”.

Completing the accreditation was a beneficial experience for McQuade where she found, going through this process she is now “more aware about the athletes’ wellbeing and the recovery factors that contribute to performance”.

“It was a long journey where a lot of people encouraged and helped me along the way, in particular mentors such as Cathy Fellows and Deb Armstrong as well as the support of Netball Victoria who have given me the opportunities to progress.”

With the Nationals campaign almost underway, McQuade mentioned the preparation has been tracking well.

“Every year is different and comes with its own challenges, we are just trying to manage load and communication between the different programs”.

With a passion for coaching at a state level, McQuade is looking forward to another successful Nationals campaign this year in Brisbane after coming away with the third consecutive win last year in Adelaide.

Looking forward McQuade, has set her sights on her next step in Netball Victoria’s coaching pathway.

“I would love to get an opportunity with the Fury program in the next couple of years.

“There are some great coaches in the program already, but it is certainly something I’m looking for as a next step”.

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