Broadmeadows Netball Association new junior competition


The Broadmeadows Netball Association’s junior competition is calling for new members, encouraging anybody interested in netball to get involved. Netball Victoria has assisted the association to get back on their feet and will continue their efforts to establish an inclusive league.

The Netball Victoria Community Program was delivered in the local area in 2014, which involved clinics at local schools and at the Broadmeadows Leisure Centre. This program managed to spark interest in netball amongst the local community and the Association was able to capitalise on the growing interest, resulting in a newly formed junior competition. The most recent clinic attracted more than 60 primary school aged children with Melbourne Vixens athletes Geva Mentor, Liz Watson and Kate Moloney on the court too.

The Broadmeadows Netball Association is welcoming of any newcomers to the sport, while also encouraging current netballers who may want to play an extra game. The competition prides itself on being fun and social, with an element of competitiveness for those who would like to develop their skills further.

The Broadmeadows Netball Association hold their competition on Monday nights from 4:30 to 5:30 at the Broadmeadows Leisure Centre. With room to grow, the Association is able to find a team for anybody who is interested in playing netball.

To find out more about the Broadmeadows Netball Association, contact Karen Albon on 0417 582 162. Or visit them at