Netball is a game we all love and we all want the country to get on board, whether it’s from a young age, getting involved later in life, or simply supporting family and friends from the sidelines.

Saturday 31st May marks the day where our country will be celebrating the first ever National Netball Day.

With the support of ANZ, this day is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the netball community. This will become a regular date in our calendars which will increase in its importance every year as our game continues to grow.

This program would not be successful without the help of our supportive clubs. We are calling on you to make this day great and ensure its success for many years to come.

We are looking for you to support the day by getting your members dressed in blue, create a blue environment, whether it be decorating your centres with blue bunting, or anything that will create a blue celebratory environment.

Netball Australia and ANZ are on the lookout for the clubs who make the most out of National Netball Day by rewarding those clubs with the opportunity to win a an ANZ Super Grant to the value of $1000 with runner up Gift Cards.

All you have to do is tweet your NND photo to #nationalnetballday for the chance to win. Further details can be found on the ANZ Netball Nation website.

We encourage you to jump on board and have a happy National Netball Day!

By getting involved, your team or club can go into the draw to win a $5,000 ‘Super Grant’ simply by uploading a photo to the Netball Nation’s Instagram and Facebook pages, and tagging #nationalnetballday.

For more information, head over to the ANZ Netball Nation webpage, by clicking here.