SEDA students and Vixens captain go remote


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SEDA Diploma students have been engaging Tiwi College girls in sport of netball with the help of Melbourne Vixens captain and Australian Diamond Bianca Chatfield.

Students Ellen Gellis,18, Stephanie White,18, and Courtney Higlett, 20, are involved in the Netball Victoria Diploma Program and recently spent a week in the Tiwi Islands as part of their major project in developing the leadership skills of the Tiwi College female students.

Through multiple fundraising efforts and a focused approach to their project, Gellis, White and Higlett were able to enlist the help of Chatfield in delivering their clinics.

Chatfield has been assisting the girls with the program designed to address mentoring, leadership, healthy eating and nutrition, netball specific skills and learning how to coach.
Following the skill sessions with the Tiwi College students, the SEDA students, Chatfield and the Tiwi College girls headed to the local Primary School to conduct a clinic which was be planned and conducted primarily by the girls of Tiwi College.
Alongside the coaching and mentoring, the group has been able to participate in cultural activities as well a chance to explore the island.
Brad Green, a Director at SEDA Sports said “the aim of the program was to empower the Tiwi senior girls through training in netball coaching and delivery of sports programs in primary schools with the results speaking for themselves.”
“The Tiwi girls picked up the SEDA model quickly and were instructing the primary students in skills, games and the benefits of physical activity,” Mr Green said.
Tiwi College staff said the SEDA girls had engaged students that had not previously been engaged and now they were stepping up to lead.

“It is clear that the girls responded to the applied approach and thrived on being given the opportunity to lead and teach.”
SEDA student Ellen Gellis was overwhelmed by their week in Tiwi.

“We were encouraged by the enthusiasm of the Tiwi girls and it was great to see the smiles on their faces as the primary students responded to the games and activities,”Miss Gellis said.
“It was such a privilege to be a part of their lives and share their culture. The community dinner, swimming at the waterhole, a bonfire with traditional dancing, learning the language and sharing stories of how Tiwi Islands was created.”
“We had a fantastic time mentoring these beautiful young women and seeing them develop into confident young leaders and coaches as well as developing their netball skills.”
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