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Netball Victoria Conducted Development Programs
Netball Victoria conducts a number of practical and theoretical development activities for umpires of all levels.

Workshop sessions are designed to specifically meet the requirements of the Association/League or group. Unless otherwise advised Netball Victoria will devise a suitable program taking into account the skill level, experience and age of those attending. Workshops are theory based but may include a practical component if desired. Workshops are usually designed for those already umpiring.

Introduction to Umpiring Sessions
These sessions are aimed to introduce netballers and other interested members of the community to umpiring.

Rule Discussions
Rule Discussions are designed for players, coaches, umpires, parents and other interested parties to gain a better understanding of the rules. This is an opportunity for participants to clarify rules and ask questions.

Umpire Assessment
Umpire assessments are available to unbadged and badged umpires to provide feedback on or relating to their practical performance. Netball Victoria can arrange for umpires to be viewed at local training sessions or competitions.