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Netball has the power to inspire and unite communities, the power to create leaders and break down cultural barriers, and the power to enrich the lives of all Victorian communities.

Netball for All offers opportunities for priority populations to participate in netball, whether they come from multicultural, indigenous backgrounds or have a disability. These communities benefit from specialised netball clinics that concentrate on building their knowledge and skills along with providing as a fun and inclusive environment to enjoy the sport.

Netball Victoria is committed to assisting our Associations, Leagues and Clubs to help them become more inclusive. This is a great opportunity to engage a wider portion of the population, increase the number of members and volunteers, and use facilities that may be under-utilised.

Visit the Be Prepared! Website. A resource guide has been prepared by volunteers and staff who play an important role in the provision of quality sport and recreation experiences for people with disabilities.

For more information on how you can play netball in an inclusive environment or how your club or association can become more inclusive, please contact:

Cassandra Hadson
(03) 9321 2237

The Australia Post ONE Netball Community Program connects the growing and changing Australian community with our game. To find out more about the program, including how to access helpful resources and case studies click here.

To host a Connected Clubs and Communities Workshop in your area, please email Tayla Pallas at