Netball joins forces to tackle gambling

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Netball Victoria is delighted to announce a new and exciting partnership with the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation.

The Foundation provides support to people affected by problem gambling while working to prevent problem gambling through education and early interventions, a message that Netball Victoria Chief Executive Officer Michelle Plane is keen to echo within the organisation.

“We are delighted to partner with the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation because increasingly we are seeing the link between problem gambling and sports, which can impact upon families and communities, and we are very keen to make sure that this does not permeate our sport,” Ms Plane said.

“We want to help the Foundation’s message reach families and communities in an attempt to educate and provide awareness about gambling. Netball thrives on the strength of our communities and so using our profile in helping ensure families and individuals get information and access to supports they might need, is a role we see as very important. In turn we welcome the Foundation to the Netball family and thank them for the support they offer to our sport.”

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation Chief Executive Officer Serge Sardo said the partnership will help the Foundation reach a large and important audience.

“Our partnership with Netball Victoria will help the Foundation raise awareness about responsible gambling to netball players of all ages, particularly those under 18 and their parents,” said Mr Sardo.

Netball Victoria has 110,000 members and 221 associations throughout Victoria.

“Partnerships with sporting clubs strengthen the Foundation’s community education program, and we are excited to be in negotiations with several organisations for our ‘Gambling’s not a game’ sporting clubs program,” said Mr Sardo.

“Together with our sporting partners, we aim to spread responsible gambling messages as widely as possible, and value the positive role and influence sporting clubs can have on the community.”

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation aims to reduce the prevalence and harms of problem gambling and to help those who choose to gamble, to do so responsibly.

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