2014 Victorian Netball League Award Winners

Netball Victoria  Awards Night 2014

The 2014 Victorian Netball League Awards dinner was held on Saturday evening in Melbourne and provided the opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of individual athletes, coaches, umpires, and officials.


2014 Margaret Caldow Trophy – Championship Most Valuable Player

Chloe Watson – City West Falcons


2014 VNL Championship Coaches of the Year

Jane Searle – Southern Saints


2014 VNL Championship Hot Shot Award

Kim Martin – Geelong Cougars (539 goals)


2014 Championship Team of the Year

Sarah Hogan – Peninsula Waves

Gabrielle Sinclair – Yarra Valley Grammar Ariels

Kate Thompson – VU Western Lightning

Ashlee Howard – Boroondara Genesis

Bronwyn Taylor – DC North East Blaze

Kaitlyn Amor – Geelong Cougars

Leah Percy – Southern Saints

Jess Cox – Peninsula Waves

Chloe Watson – City West Falcons

Joanna Weston – Boroondara Genesis

Emily Mannix -City West Falcons

Helen Barclay – Monash University Storm


2014 Division One Most Valuable Player

Ashleigh Hardy- Southern Saints


2014 VNL Division One Coach of the Year

Guy Keene – Southern Saints


2014 VNL Division One Hot Shot Award

Ruby Horton – Geelong Cougars (463 goals)


2014 VNL Division One Team of the Year

Ruby Horton – Geelong Cougars

Andrea Tai – City West Falcons

Chloe Curran – Southern Saints

Rachel King – Yarra Valley Grammar Ariels

Krista Tomlinson – Boroondara Genesis

Sarah Breed – Geelong Cougars

Toni Lind – City West Falcons

Sara Duncan – Peninsula Waves

Ashleigh Hardy – Southern Saints

Nikki Phillips – DC North East Blaze

Nikki Cooke – Geelong Cougars

Tamara Luke – Boroondara Genesis


2014 VNL 19/U Most Valuable Player

Brooke Allan – Geelong Cougars


2014 VNL 19/U Coach of the Year

Johannah Curran – Monash University Storm


2014 VNL 19/Under Hot Shot Award

Madeline McNab – Southern Saints (519 goals)


2014 VNL 19/Under Team of the Year

Natalie Billings – Monash University Storm

Madeline McNab – Southern Saints

Zanna Woods – Geelong Cougars

Samantha Gooden – Yarra Valley Grammar Ariels

Carly Harrison – VU Western Lightning

Maddison Wallmeyer – DC North East Blaze

Tayla Honey – City West Falcons

Emma Smith – Southern Saints

Brooke Allan – Geelong Cougars

Victoria Honner – City West Falcons

Monica Wellington – VU Western Lightning

Madeleine Toohey – Yarra Valley Grammar Ariels