2015 Victorian Netball League Award Winners

The 2015 Victorian Netball League season has officially drawn to a close, with The Park at Albert Park.

Netball Victoria wishes to congratulates all the award winners from tonight.



Margaret Caldow Most Valuable Player Award: Kath Knott – 55 votes (City West Falcons)

Hot Shot Award Winner: Kath Knott – 630 goals (City West Falcons)

Joyce Brown Coaches Award: Robynn Pym (Boroondara Express)

VNL Championship Team of the Year

Goalers: Kath Knott (City West Falcons), Emma Ryde (Boroondara Express), Mikaela Vaughan (Melbourne University Lightning), Gabrielle Sinclair (Yarra Valley Grammar Ariels)

Mid Court: Leah Percy (Wilson Storage Southern Saints), Elle Bennets (Melbourne University Lightning), Kelsey Browne (Yarra Valley Grammar Ariels), Alicia Janz (Monash University Storm)

Defenders: Amy Wirth (Wilson Storage Southern Saints), Fiona Themann (Melbourne University Lightning), Samantha Holt (Boroondara Express), Mary Livesey (DC North East Blaze)


Division 1

Most Valuable Player Award: Ashleigh Hardy – 34 votes (Wilson Storage Southern Saints)

Hot Shot Award Winner: Chloe Curran – 442 goals (Wilson Storage Southern Saints)

Coaches Award: Jacinta Todd, Marg Lind & Nicole Richardson (City West Falcons)

VNL Division 1 Team of the Year

Goalers: Jane Cook (City West Falcons), Mandy Hanegraaf (City West Falcons), Chloe Curran (Wilson Storage Southern Saints), Ella Bertacchini (Boroondara Express)

Mid Court: Krista Tomlinson (Boroondara Express), Casey Adamson (City West Falcons), Tayla Honey (City West Falcons), Tarryn Munro (Wilson Storage Southern Saints)

Defenders: Tamara Luke (Boroondara Express), Jacqueline Newton (City West Falcons), Bess Schnioffsky (DC North East Blaze), Ashleigh Hardy (Wilson Storage Southern Saints)


19 & Under

Most Valuable Player Award: Amelia Brock – 59 votes (City West Falcons)

Hot Shot Award Winner: Hannah Van Gemst – 506 goals (Geelong Cougars)

Coaches Award: Darren Abella, Marg Lind & Nicole Richardson (City West Falcons)

VNL 19 & Under Team of the Year

Goalers: Amelia Brock (City West Falcons), Sascha McDonald (ACU Sovereigns), Madeline McNab (Wilson Storage Southern Saints), Hannah Van Gemst (Geelong Cougars)

Mid Court: Kate Kelly-Oman (Wilson Storage Southern Saints), Emily Browne (City West Falcons), Laura Cayzer (Geelong Cougars), Briana Walters (Geelong Cougars)

Defenders: Mardi Cunningham (Wilson Storage Southern Saints), Matilda Garrett (Monash Universtiy Storm), Brooke Allan (Geelong Cougars), Grace Rogers City West Falcons)