600 game milestone for Kelli Halden

An exciting weekend ahead awaits Tallygaroopna Football & Netball Club (TFNC) life member, Kelli Halden, where she will play her 600th game of netball for the club.

Halden remains the highest games holder at the club by 100 games and as such, the only player to have ever reached such an achievement.

After securing over 60 games as a junior, Halden began playing with the TFNC in 1987 and has been at the club ever since.

“I’ve had a really good experience with the TFNC, it’s very family orientated, and I’ve made lots of friends through playing here. It’s been home for the past 32 years,” Halden said.

In her soon to be 600-game career, she has three Premierships under her belt as coach with one of those as a playing coach of the 2008 A Grade flag.

Halden has coached 16 different teams across four grades, and has won 13 club Best & Fairest awards along the way, as well as filling in for numerous committee positions for both netball and football across the years.

With a long family history at the club, Halden’s parents were also life members of the TFNC, in which her Dad “is the second highest gains record holder at the club for football.”

“My sister, although retired now, has played over 250 games as well.”

Halden has also played alongside aunties, nieces and cousins, as well as this year getting the opportunity to play an A Grade game with her eldest daughter Cienna.

At the conclusion of this year’s season, Halden will hang up the netball shoes to retire from what has been an incredible playing career spanning over 600 games for TFNC.

“My body has had enough, I want to enjoy the rest of this year, but after that it’s my time to finish.”

Halden will continue to be actively involved with the club, as well as cheering on her three daughters as they continue to play over the next few years.

We wish Halden good luck for the weekend and congratulate her for an amazing netball career.