ANL Round 2 Wrap


Victorian Fury continued their winning streak over Territory Storm and Western Sting in Round 2 of the Australian Netball League in Darwin to cement top spot on the ladder.

Fury jumped out of the starting blocks against Territory Storm on Saturday, securing a 15-goal lead by quarter time.

The team maintained their fight throughout the following quarters and created a margin that the opposition just couldn’t close, winning the game 79-18.

Lara Dunkley and Gabby Sinclair made their Fury debuts and responded magnificently to the challenge before them according to Head Coach Kirsty Keppich-Birrel.

“Their performances through VNL prepared them for the fast pace and high skilled performance that the team put out there to win each quarter,” said Keppich-Birrel.

Fury certainly had a slower start on Sunday against Western Sting, with both teams bringing ANZ Championship experience to the table in their starting seven line up.

Keppich-Birrell made some changes to the line up at quarter time with Fury chasing Sting, who were three goals ahead. Eagland replaced Priestley in WA with Bennetts moving to C.

Eagland in combination with Bennetts was able to shut down the dominant circle edge received by Sting’s speedy mid-court. She also put significant pressure on their long court link ball and came up with some game changing tips and intercepts.

Fury finished ahead of Western Sting, 50-41, resulting in an estatic Keppich-Birrell.

“Fury are improving in every game. The ANL season, whilst short, gives an opportunity to build and improve as individuals, units and a team.”

“The potential to keep adding and refining is significant, half way through the season and we are on track to find our best performances at the tail end.”

“The teams’ ability to maintain mental and physical pressure for the game is to be commended.”

“The opportunity to work on a number of team tactics under ANL match conditions is something that cannot be replaced in training,” said Keppich-Birrell.

Victorian Fury will have a bye next weekend before heading to Aurora Sports Stadium in Tasmania to face Tassie Spirit from 6pm, Friday 10 July.


Victorian Fury v Territory Storm:

Q1: 20-5, Q2: 41-9, Q3: 63-14, Q4: 79-18

Shooting Statistics
Emma Ryde: 46/55 (84%)
Alice Teague-Neeld 14/17 (83%)
Stephanie Puopolo 11/19 (58%)
Gabrielle Sinclair 8/9 (89%)


Victorian Fury v Western Sting:

Q1: 13-16, Q2: 26-20, Q3: 37-32, Q4: 50-41

Shooting Statistics
Emma Ryde 37/45 (82%)
Alice Teague-Neeld 13/17 (76%)