Clubs win safety funding from Victorian WorkCover Authority


Five netball clubs to receive money from the Victorian WorkCover Authority Club Safety Fund were announced today by Netball Victoria.

The clubs secured funding for a range of safety upgrades that include goal post padding, first aid kits, shade shelter, anti-fatigue mats, footpath repairs and bollards.

Netball Victoria Member Services Manager Tim Murdoch said the VWA Club Safety Fund was a valuable source of financial support for many of Victoria’s netball clubs.

“It is important all clubs consider the health and safety of their players and the people that come to watch games,” he said.

“The VWA Safety Fund offers every club the opportunity to improve safety around their courts.”

Since the fund was established in 2005, the VWA has distributed more than $100,000 to more than 200 clubs to improve safety for players and spectators.

VWA chief executive Denise Cosgrove said the fund was designed to give clubs the financial means to resolve safety issues they had identified but did not have had the resources to fix.

“We know that it’s always hard for sporting clubs to find the extra cash they need for many projects,” Ms Cosgrove said.

“The fund was set up to encourage clubs to think about health and safety, and then to do something about it.”

“The VWA and Netball Victoria have enjoyed a long and successful partnership together and the fund is another way of showing our commitment to the health and safety of every netball player and supporter in the state.”

The next round of funding from the VWA Club Safety Fund will open to applicants in March 2015.

For more information visit the Netball Victoria website.


The successful clubs play within the Leagues:

Golden Rivers Netball League – Murrabit Netball Club

Bendigo Football and Netball League – South Bendigo Football and Netball Club

Loddon Valley Football Netball League – YCW Sporting and Social Club

Murray Netball League – Mulwala Football Netball Club

Hampden Football Netball League – North Warrnambool Eagles Football Netball Club