Compulsory Netball Competition Form for ANZAC Day matches

05/03/2014 VNL 2014 Photo: Grant Treeby

This year ANZAC Day will fall on Saturday 25 April which will have an impact on many Association, League and Club netball matches that are played on that day. Associations and Leagues must complete an online ANZAC Day Netball Competition Form prior to Friday 20 March if they intend to hold a match on ANZAC Day.

The essential element for all Associations, Leagues and Clubs to understand is that the implementation of the ANZAC Day Act 1958 (Vic) will not alter. The ANZAC Day Act 1958 (Vic) prohibits the holding of sporting events to which persons are required to pay an admission fee or make a donation in order to watch sport, without the written approval of the Minister for Sport and Recreation.

The Minister may approve the holding of sport on Anzac Day if:

  • The sport does not commence before 1:00pm
  • A payment is made to the ANZAC Day Proceeds Fund in the case of the sport being held within the metropolitan area, or the RSL Patriotic Welfare Fund through the RSL State Branch Headquarters or local sub-branch for sport in country areas.

Where there is no charge made to spectators to watch games, then you do not need to obtain the approval of the Minister of Sport and there is no restriction on when games can commence.

Associations, Leagues or Clubs who charge spectators admission on ANZAC Day and obtain Ministerial approval to play are required to make a donation towards the ANZAC Day Proceeds Fund. As a guide this is usually 10% of gate takings or a minimum of $200 (whichever is higher).

Associations, Leagues or Clubs who play on ANZAC Day are also expected to pay appropriate respect with a minimum of a minutes silence before all games played on the day.

Given the large amount of games and matches that are to be played on ANZAC Day 2015 Netball Victoria will apply to the Minister of Sport for all fixtures to be approved on behalf of affiliates. Once you’ve completed the ANZAC Day Netball Competition Form, please forward to Ellie Trewin at Netball Victoria via [email protected]

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