Coral’s retirement 45 years in the making

Court Announcer 2

Last week marked the end of an era at Parkville Netball Competitions.

After the presentations for the 2013 Spring Premier Netball Grand Finals, Coral Sahlberg packed up and locked the competition office for the very last time.

It was 45 years in the making, with Coral now ending her involvement with Royal Park Netball Association and later Parkville Netball Competitions.

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For most players, coaches, umpires and spectators who had a weekly routine of coming to Parkville, seeing Coral in the Competition Office with her bowl of lollies and being greeted with her customary “Hello love” was a source of warmth before the competitive aspect of netball kicked in.

There was an example of how Coral has touched people’s experience at Parkville. On that Tuesday night, Coral’s granddaughter, Emma, was overheard while chatting on her mobile phone.

“I’m at Parkville with my Nanna. I remember coming in and visiting when I was really little. I wanted to be here when she retired,” Coral’s granddaughter said.

Since then we have heard many accounts of men and women who have been influenced and inspired by Coral.


Coral’s career highlights included:

• Being an A-Badge Umpire, Tester and Presenter
• Royal Park Umpire Supervisor for Monday night Indoor Competition
• Parkville Netball Competitions Court Supervisor for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night competitions
• Team Manager for Victoria Catholic Representative Teams
• Team Manager for Netball Victoria’s 17 & Under and 19 & Under State Teams
• Team Manager for the Cowan Region’s State Title Teams
• State Councillor for Cowan Region
• Member of Parkville Netball Competitions Advisory Panel since 2002
• Netball Victoria Life Member – Inducted in 2003
• Driving force behind Parkville’s annual Pink Week to raise money for the fight against breast cancer

On behalf of all the netballers and people who have met you during your 45 years at Royal Park and Parkville, Netball Victoria and Parkville wish Coral a happy retirement.

We know that she will be spending most of her time with two of her other loves – her family and the Essendon Football Club – but there will always be a place for Coral at Parkville.

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