Glenroy Grannies retire after 45 years

Glenroy GranniesImage: Herald Sun

A group of friends who joined a netball team together in the 1970’s have recently announced their retirement, more than four decades later.

72-year-old Beryl Patterson of the Glenroy Grannies said the team hadn’t missed a season since they formed. The decision to hang up the bibs was prompted when age began to catch up with the team, with one player undergoing a hip replacement.

“We’re too old to be knocked down by 20-year-olds,” said Patterson.

With 32 children, 65 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren between them, the Glenroy Grannies have travelled the world playing netball.

They have participated in five different masters games across Australia, ventured to Fiji, Malaysia and Singapore in addition to visiting the Cook Islands.

Mrs. Patterson said that she hated the thought of retiring but looked forward to trying some less strenuous activities.