How to inflate your netball


Gilbert adapted their best performing grip patterns to release their first netball range in the 1990s. Resources including the Gilbert Product Guide and following Inflation Instructions ensure that everyone gets the most out of Gilbert products.

Inflation Instructions

  1. Moisten the needle
    Needles will heat up during inflation, this heat can damage the bladder. Moistening the needle will prevent this damage.
  2. Open out folded netball
    It is very important to ensure the needle of the pump does not piece the bladder.
  3. Inflate to 70% then rest the ball for 24 hours
    Inflate to 70% of capacity, wait 24 hours and then fully inflate using pounds per square inch (PSI) recommendation below. The bladder has been folded whilst being shipped to its final destination, so it is best to slowly reintroduce the bladder to its fully inflated state.
  4. Inflate to 8-10 PSI
    Correct inflation pressure depends on the surface the netball will be played on. Gilbert recommends 9.5 PSI on wooden sprung floors, to give a good combination of bounce from the floor and feel in the hand. Please test the pressure on the actual surface to make sure, as all surfaces are different.
  5. Do not over-inflate
    Over-inflating will over stretch the bladder and stitches of the netball. It can also potentially burst the bladder or split the stitching. You should not be able to see the stitches between the panels after inflation.
  6. Store in ambient conditions
    Gilbert netballs will perform better if stored in ambient conditions than if they are kept in a colder environment.
  7. Clean
    Cleaning your Gilbert netball is not essential but will help you attain the optimal surface condition. To clean the ball, use a soft cloth and warm water with a mild detergent.
  8. Check ball pressure before game time
    Checking if the ball pressure is correct before the game will ensure optimal performance. Gilbert netball bladders will take a little time to find their shape and comfortable inflation pressure, so it can also be helpful to train with the ball before it is used for a match.
  9. Take care of your Gilbert netball
    Never kick or sit on your Gilbert netball, it will cause the ball to go out of shape, could split the stitching or burst the bladder.
  10. Thanks for choosing Gilbert, have a great game!