Netball Victoria Umpire Tester Meeting to be held February-March 2015

2015 Poster

Netball Victoria’s annual Umpire Testers Meeting will be held from February to March 2015 and provide opportunities for Umpire Testers and Association Umpire Supervisors to update their knowledge of testing techniques and procedures.

The Umpire Testers Meeting is just one of the development programs that Netball Victoria provides in its commitment to increasing the number and standard of umpire testers across Victoria.

Participants will discuss all new national initiatives for umpire education in 2015 and review existing assessment writing and tester procedures.

Netball Victoria Umpire Development Coordinator Ann Castles said invitations to the 2015 Umpire Testers Meeting were extended to Association Umpire Supervisors for the first time, “Netball Victoria has decided to invite Association Umpire Supervisors so that they can hear first-hand the innovative new online umpire course developed by Netball Australia.”

“It’s important for people to come so that all the Umpire Testers in Victoria test to the correct criteria as set down by the national guidelines.”

Multiple events have been scheduled across Victoria to facilitate accessibility and encourage attendance. The first 2015 Umpire Testers Meeting is scheduled for Sunday 1 February in Morwell. On Sunday 8 February, Umpire Testers and Association Umpire Supervisors are invited to the State Netball Hockey Centre in Melbourne.

A third event will be held Sunday 15 February in Wangaratta for Umpire Testers and Association Umpire Supervisors residing in Victoria’s north east before the final Umpire Testers Meeting in Horsham on Sunday 1 March.

“I’m looking forward to facilitating the discussion amongst Victoria’s Umpire Testers and Association Umpire Supervisors,” said Castles.

Registrations for the 2015 Annual Umpire Testers Meeting are now open. Click here to register.