Opportunity arises in Victorian Netball League

05/03/2014VNL 2014Photo: Grant Treebywww.treebyimages.com.au

Netball Victoria announced today it had completed a review of its premier state league, the Victorian Netball League (VNL).

The review found that now in its sixth year of operation, the VNL is strong with the majority of clubs performing well both on and off the court.

The VNL competition was established in 2009 as a result of the restructured National League and the forming of the Trans-Tasman Netball League.  The competition is currently made up of 10 clubs with three teams involved in Championship, Division 1, and 19 and Under divisions.

Netball Victoria CEO Michelle Plane noted that the review was important in terms of ensuring the ongoing strength of the VNL.

“We have one of the strongest netball competitions in Australia and we are continually looking at opportunities for Netball Victoria to lead the way and provide our athletes, coaches, umpires and officials with the best pathway development possible,” Ms Plane said.

“The review looked at the best ways of ensuring sustainability of both the individual clubs and the league itself.”

“Following this review it has been determined that nine of the existing clubs will be offered renewed licences for three years.  The remaining club, Ballarat Pride will not be renewed.”

Plane noted that all 10 clubs had been notified of the outcome and that Netball Victoria staff continued to work with all clubs on their ongoing development and performance.

Ballarat Pride will have the opportunity to apply for the one now vacant license, as will other franchises.

Interested parties will be required to participate in an expression of interest process with Netball Victoria staff and attend the upcoming information session on Tuesday 15 April at 7pm, State Netball Hockey Centre.

“Netball Victoria commends all 10 clubs on their commitment to the VNL over the six year journey and looks forward to working with clubs during the next phase of the VNL” she said.

Download: Expression of Interest Form