Pre-season starts early for back-to-back premiership winners


Victorian Netball League major partner Defence Force Recruiting put Boroondara Express through their paces in a drill session on Monday 30 November as part of their intensive pre-season training program.

The drill session, accompanied by a leadership presentation, was just one of many sessions Express athletes will conquer in the lead up to the 2016 season as they attempt to go for back-to-back premiership titles in the Championship division.

Appreciating the importance of strength and conditioning training in preparation of the physical demands of the netball season ahead, Defence Force Recruiting coordinated a session that challenged the athletes’ mental and physical capabilities.

Petty Officer Katrina Kenny, Defence Force Recruiting Specialist Recruiting Team – Women, reiterated the importance of having adequate recovery between the rigours of competition phases.

“The session with Boroondara Express was a great success, it was fantastic being able to assist with their pre-season training,” said Petty Officer Katrina Kenny.

“The team is yet to name a captain, so we conducted a simulation activity that we use in the Army to help the coaches identify leaders within the group of girls.”

“We put the athletes through the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA), which is considered the toughest of the three entry level assessments for standard Army entry.”

“Everyone was pushing themselves and testing their own limits. Each athlete completed enough sit-ups and push-ups to the required cadence to qualify for the Army, and the girls were obviously pleased with that achievement.”

Boroondara Express Strength and Conditioning Coach Simon Moule was pleased with the results from the drill session.

“I’m really happy that the girls were able to get through all of the competencies that the Army put them through… it means I’m doing my job,” said Mr Moule.