State Team Announcements


Netball Victoria is pleased to announce the athletes selected in the 2016 Victorian State Team Program.

The successful athletes listed below will compete in the Underage National Netball Championships next year across three divisions.

Netball Victoria High Performance Manager Rebekah Webster said the selected athletes showed incredible potential at the trials, with the teams will now facing an intensive training program as they prepare to take on some of Australia’s most talented netballers.

“It’s been great to see so much depth of talent at this year’s selections, Victoria have always performed strongly at the Underage National Netball Championships and we are excited by this current group of young athletes progressing through the Netball Victoria talent pathway,” said Ms Webster.

“Each team will begin training together in the next few weeks before enjoying a break for Christmas and New Year’s.”

“It’s important for the athletes to build rapport with one another and work towards setting a strong team culture in preparation for the Championships.”

Athletes will be required to accept their position by 9am Friday 4 December. Click here to register and complete all required details.

Please see full 2016 Victorian State Team lists below:

17/U State Team 2016
Abbey Rutherford Central East
Alex Moody Central East
Alexandra (Allie) Smith Central West
Ally O’Conner Western
Eliza McGuigan Central East
Gabrielle Dwyer Central East
Kate Kelly-Oman Central East
Madelyn Gray Central West
Sacha McDonald Northern
Shannon Freeman Eastern
Tahnysha Salanoa Central West
Zali Mifsud Central East


19/U State Team 2016
Amelia Brock North East
Brooke Allen Western
Carly Harrison Central West
Casey Adamson Central West
Genna Ogier North East
Jacqueline Newton North East
Jane Cook* North East
Kailah Mae Keepen Central West
Matilda Garrett Central East
Rahni Samason Central East
Sharni Lambden** Central East
Tayla Honey Central West

*Selected subject to availability
** Selected Subject to injury/medical clearance

Extended Squad

An extended squad has been selected for the 2016 19U team. Extended squad members will train with the team and may be elevated should an athlete named need to be replaced.

Jamie VanLeerdem

Mandy Hanegraaf

21/U State Team 2016
Alice Teague-Neeld* Central West
Andrea Tai Central West
Emily Post Central West
Emma Ryde* Central East
Jane Cook North East
Kate Eddy Central East
Lara Dunkley** Eastern
Libby Birch Central West
Maddy Balson Central East
Madeline Stewart Central West
Molly Jovic Central West
Samantha Gooden Central East

An extended squad has been selected for the 2016 21/U Victorian State team. Extended squad members will train with the team and may be elevated should an athlete named need to be replaced.

Extended Squad

Ella Bertacchini
Georgette Paatsch
Stephanie Boyce**
Zanna Woods


17/U and 19/U National Championships:
Western Australia, Monday 11 April – Saturday 16 April 2016

21/U National Championships:
Tasmania, Monday 7 March – Sunday 13 March 2016