Walk to school this October

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Get your kids walking to school in October and build healthy habits for life!

Did you know that only one in five Australian primary school children gets the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity every day? Physical activity is vital for children. It helps them achieve and maintain a healthy weight, builds strong bones and muscles and improves balance, movement, coordination and brain development.

A fun, free and easy way for you and your children to get active in October is to join VicHealth’s Walk to School. As well as the health benefits, regularly walking to and from school can help develop children’s social skills and knowledge of road safety, and improve their self-confidence and independence.

Parents will also benefit. More than two-thirds of Australian adults get no, or very little, exercise.
So getting active as a family will improve everyone’s health. Walking to and from school also means more time to chat with your kids, and gives you a break from traffic congestion.

Visit the Walk to School website to check if your child’s school is registered, or register your child online. The campaign kicks off on the first day of Term 4, Monday 6 October, and children are encouraged to walk to and from school every school day in October. Your child can join more than 30,000 students across Victoria as they start building healthy habits for life.