Yarra Valley Grammar Ariels delivering the goods

294Solomon Islands National netball team wearing dresses donated by Energetic Apparel

Victorian Netball League’s Katelyn Begley of the Yarra Valley Grammar Ariels is leading a campaign to deliver goods, run clinics and hold practice matches in the Solomon Islands.

22-year-old Begley was inspired when her father moved to the Solomon Islands late last year.

Begley visited her dad and met with the President of the Honiara Netball Association, deciding to combine her love of netball and passion for missionary work.

“In Honiara there is a girl’s netball team who enjoy and love this great game, just like us.”

“Unlike us, they cannot afford the basic necessities,” Begley wrote in a letter to the Yarra Valley Grammar Ariels committee.

With the support of the committee, Begley began distributing flyers and encouraging donations. The flyers were handed out at the club’s AGM, shared on social media and delivered to local small businesses.

The message was well-received and many people reached into their pockets to help support the cause.

Meanwhile, the club put aside anything that they could spare or had no use for anymore.

“The things that we would simply throw out could greatly benefit someone living over there,” said Begley.

Begley and eight of her teammates traveled to the Solomon Islands after the Victorian Netball League season to personally deliver the donated items and engage the community in a series of netball clinics.

Energetic Apparel, who proudly sponsor the Yarra Valley Grammar Ariels in the Victorian Netball League, generously donated 12 brand new uniforms and tops to the Solomon Island national team.

The team had previously competed in home-made skirts and old t-shirts.

The new uniforms and tops were presented at the first of three test matches against the Yarra Valley Grammar Ariels, coordinated to help prepare the national team for the Pacific Games.

If you would like to support the cause and make a donation, please email [email protected]