2019 National Netball Championships Updates

The National Netball Championships are being held at the Queensland State Netball Centre from Thursday 11 April – Tuesday 16 April, with all eight states and territories represented across both the 17/U and 19/U age groups.

The Victorian 17/U side have won two consecutive silver medals, while our 19/U side will be striving to win their third gold medal in three years.



Round 1 Victoria 37 v 34 Queensland

Thursday 11 April, 8.30am

Victoria’s 17/U team were able to shake off first game nerves against the home state Queensland in Round 1.

Queensland came out firing in the first quarter to take a 4 goal lead into the quarter time break. A 12 to 5 goal second quarter saw Victoria turn the tables, and the team was able to come into half time leading 19 to 16. Not much split the two teams in the second half, but Victoria stood tall in the last few minutes with two big interceptions from Maggie Caris to take the win 37 to 34.


Chloe Langley 25/28

Poppy Douglass 8/11

Georgia Moody 2/4

Round 2 Victoria 46 v 14 Northern Territory

A convincing win saw Victoria extended their lead at every break. NT’s circle defenders made life tough for our goalers all game. Mel Olomanu and Sussu Lei were shining lights in the defensive circle in the second half for Victoria.


Tiahnee Farrell – 18/27

Brooke Wilson – 20/25

Poppy Douglas 8/8

Thursday 11 April, 2.20pm

Round 3 Victoria 44 v 21 Tasmania

Friday 12 April, 9.50am

After two and three rounds, Victoria are undefeated. Against Tasmania, Victoria lead from the first quarter and never slowed up. The pressure across the court was evident in all four quarters. Circle defenders Mel Oloamanu Maggie Caris were standout performers across all four quarters.


Chloe Langley – 24/29

Brooke Wilson – 11/12

Poppy Douglas – 4/6

Tiahnee Farrell – 5/10

Round 4 Victoria 34 v 31 New South Wales

Saturday 13 April, 10.00am

A very tight contest where no more than four goals separated the sides all game. It was the type of game you’d expect from these two highly rated sides.

Victoria’s pressure through the mid-court was first class.

An interception from Emma Walters in the final minute of the game sealed the win for Victoria who are undefeated from their four games.

Assistant coach Belinda Lees was happy with the teams ability to fight it out.

“It was a really tough, close game and I was impressed with our ability to ride it out when we were challenged.”

“That’s what you have to do to beat the best sides”.

Round 5 Victoria 28 v 25 Western Australia

Saturday 13 April, 3.30pm

Definitely not Victoria’s best game for the tournament, but the side did enough to get the win.

After being two goals down at half time the side needed to work on their connection.

Co-Captain Maddie Riddley spoke about the shift in intensity.

“We definitely lifted our intensity in the second half, which is what we needed to do.”

“We’re a team that really feed of each others energy and it was a pivotal win in this tournament”.

Round 6 Victoria 23 v 37 South Australia

Sunday 14 April, 10.00am

Victoria’s first loss for the tournament came at the hands of South Australia, the winners of the last three 17/U titles.

It was a game where Victoria never got going – struggling to connect in attack.

There were moments of brilliance in defense, from Maggie Caris, Mel Oloamanu and Maddie Riddley, but unfortunately the South Australian goalers were given too much supply.


Chloe Langley 15/19

Poppy Douglass 3/6

Georgia Moody 5/5

Round 7 Victoria 35 v 29 Australian Capital Territory

Sunday 14 April, 3.10pm

Victoria were made to work hard for their final win of the tournament before finals start tomorrow.

ACT lead by as much as four goals mid-way through the match, before a 12 goal to 5 final quarter sealed the win for Victoria.

There’s still room for improvement for Victoria who, at times, struggled to transition into attack.


Chloe Langley – 19/21

Brooke Wilson – 8/11

Poppy Douglas – 7/7

Tiahnee Farrell – 1/3

Semi Final | Victoria 22 v 38 New South Wales

Monday 15 April, 11.00am

Unfortunately NSW were too good for Victoria in the semi-final who got stronger as the game went on.

The effort never dropped from Victoria, but there were too many turnovers in transition for our defenders to handle.

Once the scoreboard started to turn in favour of NSW, Victoria seemed to rush, and as a cause gave more ball back to NSW.

Victoria will now play off for third place against Western Australia tomorrow.

Bronze Medal | Match Victoria 21 v Western Australia 32

Tuesday 16 April, 11.00am

A disappointing end to the tournament for Victoria who looked like the team to beat in the early rounds.

Western Australia applied too much pressure for Victoria to transition the ball from defense.

When Victoria did manage to move the ball down the court, our goalers were’t as efficient as they would’ve liked.


Round 1 Victoria 56 v 21 Tasmania

Thursday 11 April, 12.00pm

A solid first up performance from Victoria against Tasmania. In what tuned out to be a convincing victory, all 12 players took to the court in the 35-goal victory. Tegan Stephenson was a standout contributor in WD & GD, as was Bella Hodgson in GS for the first half.


Bella Hodgson 20/20

Sacha McDonald 7/11

Abbey Ellis 7/8

Uneeq Palavi 22/24

Round 2 Victoria 32 v 39 South Australia

Thursday 11 April, 5.30pm

A disappointing result in the gold medal rematch from last year’s National Netball Championships. We struggled to find rhythm in our attacking third with SA defending well.


Bella Hodgson 8/11

Sacha McDonald 12/13

Uneeq Palavi 12/14

Round 3 Victoria 38 v 32 Western Australia

Friday 12 April, 12.10pm

Another game where Victoria we’re probably below their best, but managed to do enough to get the win. Liv Honey came into centre in the third quarter and provided energy and a high work rate. In the final quarter Allie Smith and Gabby Coffey stepped up and ensured Victoria notched up their second win.

Head coach Kaylea McQuade praised the team effort in the when the game was on the line.

“The intensity lifted in that final quarter and that’s what happens in Nationals games. Uneeq and Sacha both forced turnovers when the game was in the balance which was great.”

“It was exactly the type of game we needed after our loss to South Australia last night”.


Uneeq Palavi 27/28

Sacha McDonald 11/13

Round 4 Victoria 34 v 34 New South Wales

Saturday 13 April, 10.50am

In what promised to be a close match didn’t disappoint.

Both sides had their dominant patches throughout the four quarters, but neither side made the most of their opportunities.

A defensive tip from Gabby Coffey, collected by Allie Smith with less than a minute to go was the catalyst for Victoria coming from three goals down to tie the match.

Assistant coach Sarah Hogan was pleased to get a result, but admitted there was work to be done.

“We’re relieved to come away with the draw, but we’re focusing on carrying out a more consistent game plan moving forward”.

Uneeq Palavi 28/33

Sacha McDonald 6/6

Round 5 Victoria 47 v 18 Northern Territory

Saturday 13 April, 4.40pm

A great confidence boosting win for Victoria after their tie against New South Wales this morning.

It was a dominant first half in which Victoria kept NT to only four goals, thanks to the defensive efforts of GK Tegan Stephenson and DK Shae Kyle.

Co-captain Sacha McDonald was glad to get the win ahead of crucial matches tomorrow.

“For our preparation going into tomorrow, it was really nice to see the girls relax and focus on the basics”.


Bella Hodgson 27/34

Abbey Ellis 15/18

Sacha McDonald 5/6

Round 6 Victoria 45 v Australian Capital Territory 22

Sunday 14 April, 12.00pm

A win Victoria desperately needed to stay in touch with the top four.

It was evident in the first quarter that Victoria were switched on, as they lead from start to finish.

The third quarter saw twin talls Uneeq Palavi and Bella Hodgson tried at GS and GA respectively.

Taylah Brown played two quarters in centre and impressed with multiple interceptions.


Bella Hodgson 19/24

Sacha McDonald 8/9

Abbey Ellis 6/7

Uneeq Palavi 12/13

Round 7 Victoria 43 v 34 Queensland

Sunday 14 April, 5.50pm

In the final game of the tournament that determined the standings for finals, Victoria certainly raised their effort.

It was the best four quarter game Victoria have played so far.

The connection down the court, at times, seemed effortless. Elli Leydin was dynamic in WA and fed Uneeq Palavi from everywhere.

Semi Final Victoria 32 v 35 New South Wales

Monday 15 April, 2.00pm

A disappointing result for Victoria who just couldn’t get over the line against a tough NSW side.

As predicted, the game was high intensity from the first whistle with neither side able to breakaway to a match winning lead.

Ultimately NSW were smoother in transition and had less trouble finding their goalers in the circle.

Victoria will play Queensland tomorrow for a bronze medal.

Bronze Medal Match | Victoria 38 v 43 Queensland

Tuesday 16 April, 11.30am

A similar game to the 17/U bronze medal match.

Victoria struggled with transition down the court, in comparison things for Queensland seemed much easier in attack.

It then turned into a game where Victoria just couldn’t gain the ascendancy and outwork Queensland.

Victoria fought it out and won the final quarter, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to reel in the lead.