Acknowledging the Large Association of the Year

With 35 years as president of St Albans Caroline Springs Netball Association (SACSNA), as well as a lifetime of giving to netball, Jan Schulz and SACSNA were awarded the Large Association of the Year in Netball Victoria’s 2018 Community Awards.

For Schulz, this was a great achievement and a fantastic way to recognise the work of everyone involved.

“We have done so much work on policies and procedures as well as working with duty. It was a really good reward for all the efforts that have been put in.”

Schulz, who started playing netball herself when she was 23 years old, has always enjoyed coaching and the community aspect of a netball association.

“I love watching the kids’ development. It’s so pleasing to see some of those kids who were playing back in the day have come back to play with their own children within SACSNA. To me this is a very big compliment.”

SACSNA is based out in Melbourne’s western suburbs and is an association that gives everyone a go.

“We’ve helped kids with families that couldn’t afford the weekly playing fee or uniforms. We’ve worked closely with Brimbank City Council and their In2Sport program which allows for small grants to help kids stay in the game so through this we’ve been able to subsidize some fees for children at our association.”

Looking forward, Schulz is excited about the move from two courts in Sydenham, to the five-court complex in Caroline Springs.

“Having more courts for every night of the week will hopefully encourage more kids to get involved in our junior programs, essentially growing our association and netball community on a whole.”

If SACSNA is close to you and you want to get involved with a team, visit for more information.