Ariels anticipate a positive year ahead

With a Bupa Victorian Netball League licence for the next five years and a renovation of their home stadium, Ariels President, Nicole O’Hare is looking forward to a positive 2019 season ahead.

O’Hare stresses the importance of the VNL as a competitive step for players to take in their netball journey.

“Skill wise, the VNL is at a really high level and it is a very important place for players to prepare for the Australian Netball League and eventually the Super Netball League.”

O’Hare, who has been involved with the Ariels for six years, is preparing for a casual pre-season prior to Christmas.

The eastern club are using their location to their advantage by featuring the 1,000 steps in their pre-season training as both a fitness test and team bonding exercise.

The club will undoubtedly be celebrating their recruitment of former Melbourne Vixen, Samantha Gooden, in addition to retaining talented defender and captain Monique Clark for another year.

Ariels have an additional cause for celebration as the final renovations on their new home stadium are approaching completion.

“We are looking forward to our new stadium, which is due to open in May. It has been a good focus for us to get in there with our brand new show court,” O’Hare said.

“We are looking forward to a great season and the next five years with the VNL!”

The 2019 Bupa VNL season begins on Wednesday 27 March, with the pre-season competition taking place on 17 March.