August affiliate news

Play by the Rules - New online coaching course

Inclusion and diversity are on trend in Australian sport. There’s been huge advancements across all aspects of sport in recent years. It seems we are beginning to understand the importance and benefits of inclusion and diversity and accepting that sports should reflect the communities they are in. In late 2017 Play by the Rules, in partnership with Vicsport, Tennis Australia, Special Olympics Australia and AFL Victoria, started the process of identifying the important concepts and practical issues coaches felt were necessary to make their coaching as inclusive as it could be. The outcomes of the workshop provided the basis for developing an online course to be delivered via the Play by the Rules platform.

The inclusive coaching online course has three objectives. That, at the end of the course coaches will:

  • have a base understanding of what inclusion and diversity means for your sport;
  • have a base understanding of what discrimination means under the law, and
  • know how to identify when discrimination occurs and what to do about it.

For more information about this free and certified course click here.

Netball for Autism

A fun netball session for children on the spectrum who would like to come and try netball.  The session will include fun related netball activities for children aged 5-13 years.