Battery World set to charge netball to new heights


Netball Victoria is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Australian owned organisation Battery World.

Netball Victoria Chief Executive Officer Michelle Plane said she was delighted to have Battery World join with Netball Victoria to help support local communities.

“We are pleased to have Battery World join with Netball Victoria and we see this as a positive partnership for both organisations,” Ms Plane said.

“Battery World will provide support to our community programs which helps us continue to grow access to netball, and they will also provide our members with an opportunity to access their products – such as mobile phone batteries which we all need and use.”

Since 1997 Battery World has become the largest and most comprehensive Australian retail franchise in the category, stocking advanced technology products and smaller, more portable battery solutions.

Battery World Victorian Franchisees see great potential with teaming up with Netball Victoria. “It’s a great sport and is working with community at grass roots”, said Geoff Winther, Battery World Fawkner Franchisee.

“Netball is almost as ubiquitous as batteries,” he said.

“Almost all our Franchisees have some connection to netball whether it’s their daughters or wives playing the sport. All of our female franchisees have played and even some of the guys have played in mixed teams here and there.”

“It is a great sport. Getting involved with Netball Victoria is part of Battery World’s long term strategy of getting involved with the community at the grass roots and ensuring that we shake the perception that we’re a blokey shop. People think that our customers are only men, but the reality is that it’s about half and half. Which stands to reason, given the number of batteries used in any household. We’re hoping that netball players throughout Victoria will have the opportunity to see how useful Battery World can be to them through this sponsorship.”

Battery World now has 80 stores nationally with 10 stores in Victoria and we’re growing. We offer over 8,000 batteries and accessories, and strive to be the most convenient place for Australians obtain all their needs for batteries and related products.