Bupa VNL Round 5 Report


City West Falcons 52 def 39 Ariels

Selkirk Sovereigns 27 def by 76 Hawks Netball

Boroondara Express 52 def by 59 Melbourne University Lightning

DC North East Blaze 52 def by 53 Geelong Cougars

Peninsula Waves 65 def 31 Wilson Storage Southern Saints


Division One

DC North East Blaze 59 drew 59 Geelong Cougars

Peninsula Waves 46 def 44 Wilson Storage Southern Saints

Selkirk Sovereigns 50 def by 57 Hawks Netball

Boroondara Express 52 def 45 Melbourne University Lightning

City West Falcons 58 def 38 Ariels



Boroondara Express 47 def 35 Melbourne University Lightning

City West Falcons 45 def 25 Ariels

Selkirk Sovereigns 42 def by 51 Hawks Netball

DC North East Blaze 43 def by 50 Geelong Cougars

Peninsula Waves 44 def by 54 Wilson Storage Southern Saints


Round five of the Bupa Victorian Netball League saw the Hawks Netball Club and City West Falcons achieve three wins from their three games, making them the two most successful clubs for the night.

The fate of the Hawks Championship team was initially uncertain due to the absence of their star shooter, Kim Commane. However, the Hawks showed no weaknesses as they flew into a 49 goal win over the Selkirk Sovereigns. While their Division One and 19/Under players did not secure as much of a large margin as their Championship team, they were able to outshine their competitors and walk away with seven and nine goal wins in their respective games. Unfortunately for the Sovereigns, they took to the court without the talented Leader sisters, Jess and Rachel. Their noticeable absence left the Sovereigns vulnerable and open to defeat. Nonetheless, the club are confident as they enter round six, where they will challenge the City West Falcons.

The City West Falcons and Ariels displayed three stellar games of netball. Also walking away with three wins, the Falcons’ consistently high shooting accuracy could not be rivalled by the Ariels. In addition, the strength of the Falcons players and their ability to play an extremely physical game brought a standard of netball to the court that the Ariels were not able to match. However, this experience put the Ariels in good practice for the level of intensity they will need to play next week. In round six, the they will face off against one of the strongest teams in the Bupa VNL, the Geelong Cougars.

The most competitive games of the night took place on Court One, between the DC North East Blaze and Geelong Cougars. Once again, the 19/Under Premiers proved too strong for the Blaze, prevailing with a seven goal lead. The Division One 2017 grand final rematch also saw a highly compelling game, which eventually resulted in a 59-59 draw between the two teams. After these suspenseful games, the Championship match was greatly anticipated. Moreover, as the game acted as a rematch from the 2017 preliminary final, it was clear that the both the Cougars and the Blaze were determined to triumph over their rivals. The Cougars took out a strong lead against the Blaze, remaining at least eight goals ahead for the first three quarters of the game. However, as the Blaze have established themselves as a consistent and tenacious club, they continually fought back against the Cougars and closed the score gap. Despite the Blaze’s admirable efforts, the Cougars were able to conquer with a one goal win.

The battle between the Bayside clubs took place this round as the Peninsula Waves contested the Wilson Storage Southern Saints. The Waves were able to secure two of three wins against their seaside competitors, yet the 19/Under Southern Saints team achieved a solid ten goal win.

The Waves’ Championship squad took an early lead against the Southern Saints. Their experience as a team was demonstrated as they moved seamlessly together across the court, and Victorian Fury training partner, Gabby Dwyer, showcased her skills as a goal shooter. The Waves’ Division One team put their talented defenders to the test against the gifted goalers from the Southern Saints. In a thrilling game, the Waves were able to succeed by just two goals.

Finally, the young players from the Boroondara Express continued to exhibit their extraordinary netball capabilities as the 19/Under players secured a twelve goal win over the Melbourne University Lightning. Following suit, the Express’ Division One side obtained a seven goal win. However, the 2017 Championship grand finalists refused to let the Express achieve a trifecta for the round. While they were certainly challenged, the Lightning managed to prevent the Express from coming within a two goal margin. The Lightning eventually took out the match with a seven goal lead. They continue to stay at the top of the Championship ladder as the only undefeated team in the entire Bupa VNL competition.


Round six of the Bupa Victorian Netball League will take place at 7:00pm, May 30, at the State Netball & Hockey Centre.