Gender Regulation and Promoting Male Participation in Netball Policy – survey closed

Netball Victoria has developed a draft Gender Regulation and a draft Promoting Male Participation in Netball Policy and is now seeking feedback from the Victorian netball community.

The Gender Regulation has been developed to provide clear rules on how males can participate in grass roots netball.  The Promoting Male Participation Policy has been developed to provide a clear direction and policy position on how the collective netball community can develop and foster a larger number of playing options for males.

Early this year Netball Victoria engaged in considerable consultation with the netball community regarding the next strategic plan.  This process resulted in considerable feedback, comments and ideas from the netball community about the topic of ‘boys participation’. This feedback was then collated with other direct feedback, research and legal advice. All information was then used by the Netball Victoria Board’s Finance, Audit and Risk subcommittee to develop both of the draft documents.


To write these documents, the subcommittee developed six guiding principles:

  1. Girls should have choice in playing netball, particularly in regard to the gender they play with
  2. Boys who turn 13 years old should be able to access mixed or boy’s competition
  3. Affiliates must ensure all competitions are clearly identified by age grouping and gender
  4. All mixed competitions should have clarity on male participation
  5. Affiliates require rules written in plain English
  6. A step change in effort is required by Netball Victoria and its affiliates to create and foster more opportunities for males to participate; particularly for those 13 years and older


The Gender Regulation would be made by the Board of Netball Victoria under rule 35 of the Netball Victoria Constitution.  This means the regulation would be binding to all affiliates. The regulation aims to:

  1. Provide clear rules on the age upon which a male can be excluded from female competition
  2. Ensure all competitions have clarity and transparency as to the gender that is permitted to participate
  3. Demonstrate support for participation in netball on the basis of the gender with which a person identifies
  4. Provide a standard for male participation in all mixed competitions
  5. Demonstrate that Netball Victoria and its affiliates will endeavour to provide opportunities for males to participate in mixed and male competition


The Promoting Male Participation in Netball Policy has been written to support the participation of males in grassroots netball. The policy aims to provide affiliates with clear direction and information to support the development of mixed-gender and male single gender competitions.

The netball community is now being asked to review these documents and provide feedback by Wednesday 8 August 2018.  All feedback will be presented to the Netball Victoria Board on 30 August.  Once final approval is granted by the Board, the Regulation and Policy would be communicated to the netball community in September, with an implementation date of 1 January 2019.


Download the Gender Regulation (draft) here

Download the Promoting Male Participation Policy (draft) here


The consultation period finished on 8 August and the survey is now closed.