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Privacy changes to MyNetball

Recently Netball Australia, in consultation with Interact Sport released an update in MyNetball to improve the privacy controls for its participants. Netball Australia believes it is important that we continue to deliver strong messages to advise our netball communities that we are taking positive steps in relation to child safety, and that parents need to be considering the risks of the online environment and making informed decisions. The following is an extract of the communication we received from Netball Australia identifying the risks and the course of action taken.

Risk identification: NA conducted a further risk assessment of the MyNetball system in late 2018 which was assisted by member organisation feedback. In summary, the child safety risks that were identified were as follows:

  • The public profile privacy setting visible to participants serves no function and could be misleading to participants.
  • It is possible to use the MyNetball public portal, which does not require the use of login details, to search for and find a player’s name and link that player with a club.
    From this information, it would be possible for a person to identify the geographic location of that club.
  • Team fixturing (and results) for players under 18 years of age are available through the MyNetball public portal.
    This information enables the club and player to be identified as playing at a specific location at a date and time.

In summary, a player and/or their parent or guardian may not have been aware of the safety risks associated with the name of the player appearing in the public area of the MyNetball system.

Action taken: the 1 March 2019 communication describes the changes implemented in order to manage the identified risks with the support of InteractSport. These changes are summarised as follows:

  • Introduction of a new profile privacy setting for players to select whether their name is visible on public-facing websites in MyNetball. This is accessible via the MyNetball participant portal and appears on the registration signup form for players under the age of 18 years. Players who choose to not disclose their name on the public-facing website will appear in fixtures/results as a string of eight asterisks and will not be returned in search results.
  • Introduction of an audit log for all changes made to a player’s profile privacy setting. This includes when the update was made, who made the update, as well their organisation and role.
  • Retention of the capability for MyNetball administrators to view player information inside the MyNetball admin portal and via a new version of the MyNetball public portal which has been customised for administrators to view personal information for players from their organisation only.

To assist in the management of these changes in MyNetball we have created the following three resource documents.

Netball Australia continues to treat its obligations very seriously to create a safe environment for its children and young people. While there is still much work to be done in this area across our sport, the MyNetball changes are a positive initiative that enable the system users to make informed decisions about what personal and private information they decide to release publicly for their own safety.

Netball Victoria supports the changes made and will continue to work with Netball Australia in the area of child safety in our sport.  Whilst we endeavor to ensure the privacy of children through these changes we urge you to contact the affiliate services team if you have any concerns about protecting a child’s safety in your organisation.

New Insurance Website

V-Insurance Group has recently launched a new Netball Australia insurance website to help members better understand the cover they can access as part of their netball membership. We hope you find it to be a more modern and dynamic site that is more user friendly, easier to navigate and provides a much better experience for each visitor.

They have retained many of the features that we know our netball associations and clubs rely on for their insurance needs, including the certificate of currency generator, insurance brochures/summaries, information on how to make a claim, claim forms and a comprehensive FAQ section.

New to the site is a page on NetSetGo insurance that helps guide accredited NetSetGo centres as to what is included in their insurance.

Another exciting feature is the announcement banner on the site. You can anticipate relevant netball/insurance news, short videos or feature articles being published here making the site more interactive and relevant to regular visitors.

In addition to the new website, V-Insurance has launched the Safe Netball App and we believe this tool is invaluable in helping associations and clubs ensure a safe playing environment and help to reduce their exposure to potential risks/claims.The app includes:

Game day / training checklist
Safety audit
Personal accident incident reports
Public liability incident reports

To promote the Safe Netball App, any association using the app in the month of May 2019 will go into the draw to win a $500 Rebel Sport voucher to purchase equipment for their association / clubs. The winner will be drawn by Netball Australia and be awarded on 5 June 2019.

Click here to explore the new site and download the Safe Netball App.

Club Spot & Volunteer Week

Netball Victoria recognises the significant contribution that volunteers and administrators make to the Victorian netball community.  Quality administrators and volunteers are critical to the conduct and growth of the game and determines the netball experience for players and their families. Netball Victoria is committed to helping our association, league and club volunteers, which is why we have partnered with Sports Community, to invest in you!

You have completely free, unlimited access to hundreds of expertly developed volunteer training courses, club position descriptions, checklists, templates, videos, successful case studies and much, much more.

If you’re on the committee, a club president, treasurer or secretary, coordinate fundraising, social media or grant applications, there is lots useful information, tools and resources to make your role FUN and EASY!

Click here to access Netball Victoria’s Club Spot. We encourage you to share this resource with your clubs so they too can benefit from the free training and support resources

Melbourne Vixens Association Membership

As a Netball Victoria affiliate, you’re eligible for a free Melbourne Vixens association membership. This gives you access to 10 free tickets to a home game, acknowledgement over the PA at game day as well as access to association membership only ticket discounts and competitions with prizes you can either display at your association or use as a raffle prize at your fundraising events.  For more information click here.

Association Championships Merchandise

The Regatta Shop have again created some awesome merchandise for the 2019 Association Championships.

Please pass on the attached flyer and link below to all your players and parents!

There will be FREE SHIPPING to all orders in western, eastern and northern zone.

Central east, central west and north east will be available for pick up on the day!