Month of milestones for Tallygaroopna

September was about more than just finals for Tallygaroopna Football Netball Club. It also marked mammoth milestones for three of their prestigious star players. 

Raking in a combined 1000 club games last month were Kylie Merigan, Rebecca Humphrey and Lisa Hueston. To make it doubly special, each of these players attained their memorable milestone in a finals match for their Tallygaroopna team, alongside the teammates and spectators they now call family.

Tallygaroopna’s Senior Vice President, Madison Brett, commented on the success of these players, explaining the buoyant impact it has on the community.

“These milestones are a true testament to our club being a wonderful place to be a part of,” Brett explained. “So much that people don’t often leave- therefore having the opportunity to notch up such high games at the one club.

“In turn, these people don’t just play netball and leave. They have all have their own roles as coach and/or committee members for quite some time! We are so lucky that they chose to give back to the club.”

Kylie Merigan (500 Club Games)

Having commenced with Tallygaroopna in 1988, Kylie Merigan has dedicated her weekends to netball for over 30 years. Already an awardee of the Tallygaroopna Football Netball Club life membership, Merigan also holds the record for the second highest number of netball matches played with the club as she chalked up her 500th club game in September. She follows the efforts of Kelli Halden who recently racked up 600 games.

“I’ve pretty much played my whole netball career at Tally, been there since I was about 12, and to have an honour like this is a big credit for me and also the club,” Kylie explained.

“From the start, I reckon I was throwing a netball at the age of six. My family has been involved, I’ve met my best friends playing at Tally, pretty much most f my social group has come through it too.”

In her 500-game career Kylie has won four premierships, four Club Best & Fairest Awards and has held many committee positions over the years. With two parents as equally involved with the Tallygaroopna Club, a commitment to sport runs in the family’s blood.

Kylie said her achievement and the achievements of so many others at Tallygaroopna come down to the club’s commitment towards the community.

“My description about Tally and other community netball groups is it’s so much more than the 60-minutes you play on the netball court, or the two hours the boys run around on the football field. It’s always been a big thing that you’re there some mornings from 7am making sandwiches and other days until 10pm at night cleaning up.

“Netball has developed so much in the footy leagues in our region and it’s the strongest netball you can find now. For the netball and footy clubs, particularly those out in the regional areas, it’s pretty much your community coming together and spending so much time together. Growing up, it’s your social aspect as well the game,

“If you look at the milestones we’ve had in our club, no other club has done what we have. It seems like every second week we’ve got some major milestone.”

Rebecca Humphrey (300 A Grade games) 

Rebecca Humphrey played her 300th A Grade Game for Tallygaroopna as she took on Nagambie on Sunday 8 September. Despite Nagambie bringing Humphrey’s 2019 season to an end, a milestone of this magnitude couldn’t be spoiled by one loss.

She made her debut in A Grade in 2003, joining only one other player in the club’s history to attain 300 A grade matches. The other being Tallygaroopna club legend Kelli Halden with 398 games under her belt.

Lisa Hueston (200 Club Games)

A Grade Coach Lisa Hueston stepped on court to play her 200th game for the club as she leads the A Grade Side in September finals. Lisa first joined the club in 2003 playing B Grade, where she was a part of the premiership winning team. She would then go on to take out another four B Grade premierships in 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2008.

In 2013 she moved away with her family and was playing GVL with Mansfield  where she won their A Grade Best and Fairest in 2014, 2015, 2016, but came back home to Tallygaroopna in 2017 before taking the reigns as Head Coach in season 2018 and 2019.

An asset to the club and community, 300 games doesn’t seem too far away.


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