Netball Victoria Supports Proposed Stadium Project

An Open Letter from Netball Victoria Chief Executive Officer

Re: The proposed Stonnington Indoor stadium project

For many years, Netball Victoria, the governing body for the sport across the state, has acknowledged a need for more netball courts in the City of Stonnington, along with many other locations across Victoria, based on participation data and evidence.

Netball is the most popular sport for women and girls across the country, and is the highest team participation sport in Victoria for women and girls, with close to 300,000 participants. It is also a popular mixed sport and many males are trying their hand at the game too.

Despite this fact, there remains a shortage of facilities, and in the City of Stonnington this is proving a barrier to the participation and growth of the sport – with just two Council provided netball courts for more than 1800 Netball Victoria Members in the local government area.

The benefits of playing team sports on a person’s health and wellbeing are well documented, and providing additional courts in this region would help get more women and girls active, benefitting many people of differing age groups.

Netball Victoria is in strong support of the campaign to provide additional courts in the City of Stonnington. We appreciate that finding a balance for all parties is a challenge, and are hopeful a solution will be found by Council that delivers on this project.