Parkville Raises Thousands in 5th Annual Pink Week


Parkville Netball Competitions conducted their 5th Annual Pink Week, launching the campaign on Monday 10 November, raising more than $5,000 for the Cancer Council of Victoria.

Beginning in 2010, the annual campaign is an effort to acknowledge and support those who have fought breast cancer and commemorate those who have lost that battle. Parkville Netball Coordinator Sue Flynn said breast cancer had affected many people in the Parkville netball community, “It’s a disease that has affected every single person, either directly or indirectly.”

“We started off in 2010 and collected $900. The campaign has progressed and has become a week-long event. The increase in donations is fantastic and it’s wonderful to see everybody support such a worthy cause.”

The incidence of breast cancer in Australia is increasing with 15,270 Australian women expected to be diagnosed with the disease between January and December 2014.

Lisa Utting, a court supervisor for Parkville Netball Competitions, has battled against breast cancer herself. Utting explained, “Many people in the netball community including players, spectators and family members have been affected by breast cancer as well as other types of cancer.”

“Pink Week is a great event and everybody bands together to raise so much money. We’re all very proud of Parkville to be able to do that.”

Parkville Netball raised $4,914.05 in 2013 and are thrilled to have increased upon this number by about 10% in their 2014 campaign. Flynn has challenged the community to reach deep into their pockets again next year and improve upon this number saying, “We’ll be back next year, bigger and better! We hope for everyone to be involved in 2015.”