RUN participant Kelly Mehina shares all

Rock Up Netball participant, Kelly Mehina, started playing RUN four years ago, wanting to get back into fitness and group sports.

“I used to play netball back in high school, many years ago might I add [laughs],” Mehina said.

“Anything indoors during wintertime, that’s going to keep me fit and active is a plus for me, and indoor netball sounded perfect.”

Initially Mehina heard about RUN through a Facebook page that was asking for players to join an indoor netball team, and she couldn’t resist getting involved.

“So, we then made up our own team called the ‘Randoms,’ which went for four years.

“We had so many people coming in and out of the team, but I made some really cool friends through this and found it was such a great experience.”

After reflecting on her favourite aspects of RUN, Mehina said that, getting out there with her team each week was her main motivation.

“I really like having the commitment of turning up once a week to play, the team morale, coming in and spending time with people and just generally keeping fit and healthy.”

Mehina is a part of the Footscray Ladies RUN competition which is played every Tuesday night at the VU Community Sports Stadium, Whitten Oval. To find a location near you visit here and register for a team!