Woolley ends golden year as Championship MVP

From taking out the premiership to being awarded the Championship Most Valuable Player, 2019 has been a rollercoaster for Julia Woolley that has ended on a phenomenal high. 

With a vast amount of experience, picking up her first netball at the age of 6, Julia has played in the VNL since 2013. In 2017 she joined the Geelong Cougars as one of their primary goalers, predominantly seen wearing a goal-attack bib.

Julia’s 2019 season has been outstanding, racking up a six-week streak of three-point MVP votes.

Her diverse style of play in attack makes her an asset to the Cougars and made her an integral component of their 2019 premiership win.

When declared the recipient of the coveted Championship MVP Award, as well as a Team of the Year player, Woolley’s reaction reflected her pure passion and love of netball.

“I wasn’t expecting this but I am very honoured and very grateful. I know the calibre of players to achieve this before me and it makes this even more humbling.

“It’s been lots of years of netball and my family and friends are used to planning events and having to hear my excuse myself because of netball commitments. They see how much effort I put in, I mean I have netball every single night of the week.

“They understand how much it requires of me but they also know I don’t have a very long time to do it so I’m just going to make the most of it while I can.”

Julia’s drives, passes and goals never cease to have 100% intensity behind them. Her communication on and off the court with teammates highlights her loyalty as a player.

One of the longest playing competitors in the VNL, the mother of two has had to overcome the possibility of ending her career more than once.

She said if it wasn’t for her number one supporter, her husband, the reality of becoming an MVP and holding the 2019 premiership might not have come true.

“He was the one who convinced me to go again. I wasn’t sure after a knee injury a couple years ago if I would come back to play again.

“He pushed me and convinced me, and I can never thank him enough. He does so much to make sure I play and without him this award may never have been possible.”

According to Julia, her second home has become the Geelong Cougars and the staff, players and everyone involved will forever be her family.

She credited her success to the commitment of her coaches and their never-say-die attitude that she has found within herself.

“They make me feel like I can do and achieve anything. They will never take an excuse from me and it forces me to be the player I am, to have confidence in myself, and to continually find this love of netball.”