Netball Victoria Legacy Toolkit: Planning for Post #NWC2015

Participation in netball is at a high since Australian hosted the 2015 Netball World Cup in August. How prepared is your Club, Association or League to welcome new players?

Below are some simple actions to ensure a welcoming, inclusive netball environment.

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Creating an Inclusive Environment

An inclusive Club, Association or League, is one that provides a range of options to cater for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, in the most appropriate manner possible, and minimises barriers to participation while creating opportunities for all members of the community to be involved.

One Netball

The One Netball initiative promotes inclusive practices within the netball environment. Connected Clubs and Communities workshops currently are being held across Australia to help Clubs, Associations and Leagues become more inclusive, and grow their membership base.

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Welcoming Officers

Joining a netball Club, Association or League for the first time can be both exciting and overwhelming. Netball Victoria strongly encourages enlisting the support of a Welcoming Officer to help settle new players and families into the environment.

A Welcoming Officer can be anyone from your netball community who can provide support to the players and families, ensure open and clear communication, and provide them with the information they need to be involved. Most importantly, they need to be a friendly face who the players and families can approach if they have any questions or concerns.

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Establishing Post- Netball World Cup Legacy Programs

With the predicted increase in netball participation across Victoria and Australia, your Club, Association or League may need to offer a wide range of netball programs to cater for the new interest.

Come and Try Days

Come and Try days provide an opportunity for people to participate in netball prior to deciding whether to commit to a team. To maximise the success of your Come and Try days, be innovative in your approach and create an event that engages your community and taps into the heightened attention on netball.

Some tips for running Come and Try days:

  • Ensure your event date does not clash with any local events
  • Conduct a court inspection and complete the Willis Match Day Checklist 
  • Ensure there is a qualified first aid person with a well-equipped first aid kit
  • Ensure facilities are accessible for all members of the community
  • Plan a contingency option in case of bad weather
  • Promote the event through a variety of channels, i.e. school newsletters, community hubs and local councils


ANZ NetSetGO was developed to provide children aged from 5 – 10 years with the best possible introduction to the sport of netball. The program incorporates skill activities, minor games and modified matches in a fun and safe environment, ensuring enjoyment and continued participation in the sport.

Any Club, Association, League, school or community group can become a NetSetGO centre, and will receive equipment, giveaways and online resources upon registration.

Click here to read more about the ANZ NetSetGO program.