Becoming an accredited Suncorp NetSetGO Centre

Any club, association, school or community group may apply to become an accredited Suncorp NetSetGO Centre at no cost.

Suncorp NetSetGO centre registrations are to be completed online through the MyNetball system. If you do not currently have access to the MyNetball system, please complete the Individual Security Agreement and return it to

The below checklist will outline the steps required to register your Suncorp NetSetGO Centre:

Benefits of becoming a Suncorp NetSetGO Centre

  • Access to Suncorp NetSetGO Centre Coordinator Manual as well as age and skill appropriate coaching resources
  • The ability to introduce participants to an established junior netball program
  • Flexibility regarding the structure and timeframes for delivery
  • Netball Victoria as a support and assistance for administration and promotion of your Suncorp NetSetGO program

Each accredited Suncorp NetSetGO Centre will be provided with resources including program content specific for each age group, a centre equipment kit and a participant pack for each registered member.

Getting your Suncorp NetSetGO Centre started

To start running the Suncorp NetSetGO program you will need the following:

  • An accredited coach to run the program – if you do not have a person who is an accredited coach to run your centre then someone with a netball background may be deemed appropriate. Please contact Tanya Gamble on 9321 2246 or to further discuss coach suitability.
  • Appropriate facilities, providing a safe environment for participants and spectators.
  • Appropriate goal rings – goal rings of a lower height are required, however if you do not have these you may purchase them through Netball Victoria.
  • A minimum of 10 participants to receive your free centre equipment kit

What is expected from an accredited Suncorp NetSetGO Centre?

In keeping with the philosophy of Suncorp NetSetGO it is expected that all accredited Suncorp NetSetGO Centres will provide:

  • A program that enables all individuals to experience personal achievement in terms of competence, enhanced self-esteem, social co-operation, maximum participation and skill development in a fun environment.
  • A parent information session to outline the philosophy of the Suncorp NetSetGO program.
  • Appropriate warm-up activities.
  • Appropriate skill teaching in a sequential program.
  • Appropriate skill activities and games.
  • Appropriate netball matches using modified rules.
  • Appropriately trained/accredited coaches and umpires.
  • Ethical behaviour conforming to Netball Australia’s Codes of Behaviour.