2019 State Teams

Congratulations to all the athletes who have been selected in the 2019 Victorian 17/U & 19/U state teams.

Click here to download a copy of the underage team selection policy, or click here to download a talented player nomination form

17/U Team

Maggie Caris (Melbourne University Lightning)

Poppy Douglass (Geelong Cougars)

Casey Dunstan (Boroondara Express)

Tiahnee Farrell (Boroondara Express)

Chloe Langley (City West Falcons)

Sussu Liai (Peninsula Waves)

Georgia Moody (Wilson Storage Southern Saints)

Melissa Oloamanu (City West Falcons)

Maddison Ridley (Melbourne University Lightning)

Charlotte Todd (Geelong Cougars)

Emma Walters (City West Falcons)

Brooke Wilson (Geelong Cougars)


Training Partners

Joyce Oyay (Peninsula Waves)

Abby Williams (Peninsula Waves)

Ashlee Barnett (Peninsula Waves)

Chevvone Thomson (Boroondara Express)

Emily Andrew (Ariels)

19/U Squad

Taylah Brown (Boroondara Express)

Gabby Coffey (Melbourne University Lightning)

Jordan Cransberg* (Melbourne University Lightning)

Abbey Ellis (DC North East Blaze)

Isabelle Hodgson (Boroondara Express)

Olivia Honey (Geelong Cougars)

Shae Kyle (Ariels)

Eleanor Leydin (Boroondara Express)

Sacha McDonald (Peninsula Waves)

Hannah Mundy (Boroondara Express)

Uneeq Palavi (City West Falcons)

Allie Smith (Geelong Cougars)

Tegan Stephenson (Boroondara Express)


Training Partners

Aliesha McDonald (Hampden Football Netball League)

Karli Dolphin (Ariels)

Ruby Pekin-Schicht (Geelong Cougars)

Ruby Barkmeyer (Boroondara Express)

Enya Broadley (Hawks Netball)


*Subject to clearance