Testers and Composition of Testing Panels for Practical Assessment

An umpire who has been umpiring at any badge level for two (2) years is qualified to test at that badge level, even if a higher badge has been achieved.

It is preferred that an umpire wishing to test is initially appointed to one (1) or two (2) games as a cadet with a senior mentor.

Testing for the AA badge will be conducted by 3 members appointed by Netball Australia who will form the Testing and Endorsement panel.

AA and A badged umpires may act as mentors on C Testing Panels in addition to the required testing panel.

If the appropriate testing panel composition cannot be achieved when arranging a test and an umpire would be disadvantaged, application may be made by the relevant Member Organisation to Netball Australia for consideration.

Testers must use the official Netball Australia Umpire Assessment Sheets for all testing under the national system.

Netball Australia – C Badge Practical Assessment Sheet

Netball Australia – B Badge Practical Assessment Sheet

The decision to award any badge must be unanimous.

Netball Australia – Badge Competencies

C Badge – Online Payment Form

B Badge – Online Payment Form

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