The purpose of the Worksafe Umpires in the Field Program is to support the existing National Umpire Accreditation Framework by delivering two hour educational workshops designed for umpires at the grassroots level, as well as workshops that are aimed specifically for umpires who would like to work towards a higher accreditation.
Workshops are delivered by Netball Victoria’s most experienced Umpire Developers.


Workshop Topics

There are currently 3 workshops available:


Introduction to Umpiring

The Introduction to Umpiring workshop is aimed at new/beginner umpires, not badged.

Your Decision Counts

This workshop looks at the decisions umpires have to make in relation to the 3 Majors – Advantage, Contact and Obstruction. It is aimed at C Badge umpires working towards a B Badge Accreditation and B Badge Umpires.

Mentor Workshop

The Mentor Workshop looks at the skills and knowledge needed to guide and progress umpires through the different stages of their pathway.



All workshop topics run for approximately two hours.


All workshops cost $20.00 per umpire.

Upcoming Workshops

All upcoming workshops can be found here or on the Netball Victoria Umpiring Calendar

Host a Workshop

Netball Victoria affiliated Clubs, Associations or Leagues may apply to host a workshop at their own venue.

To apply please click here.

Please direct all enquiries and application forms to:

Netball Victoria Umpiring Department