Netball Australia is responsible for developing resources to support the education of umpires within the netball community. The following information provides an overview of the type of resources currently available and information from Netball Victoria about pathways in your local community.


Section 1 Online Umpire Exam

To complete the online theory exam, please use the eLearning portal that can found on the Netball Victoria home page.Once the learners have submitted their results (irrespective of a pass/fail mark), they will be given the opportunity to view the questions they got wrong by clicking ‘More’ on the home page under the Section 1 Exam. Please note that the learners will only be able to see the question and the answer they submitted and will not be able to see the correct result. The reason for this is to allow learners to go back to the Rule Book to seek the correct answer – this adds to their overall learning experience.

Official Rule Book
The Rule Book incorporates the playing Rules of the International Federation of Netball Associations. Purchase Now

National Umpire Development Framework (NUDF)

This is a comprehensive guide to umpire accreditation and umpire development within Australia and includes details of the structure of Netball Australia’s Umpire Committees and Panels. It contains all the information you need to gain an umpires badge for netball, from club level right up to national level.

Click here to view the full document

Click here to view key amendments to NUDF

Netball Australia High Performance Umpire Pathway

The Netball Australia High Performance Umpire Pathway compliments the National Umpire Development Framework (NUDF) and is aligned to the national athlete pathway. It is a staged approach to an umpire’s development and outlines the programs and support services along with policies and procedures that describe the identification and development of umpires within the high performance environment. The Netball Australia High Performance Umpire Pathway will identify and develop the next generation of umpires and provide a world class system that prepares them to perform at their best at national and international events.

Download: Netball Australia High Performance Umpire Pathway


Important Documents:

2015 National Umpire Development Framework

‘AA’ Badge KPI’s

‘A’ Badge Resume and KPI’s

‘B’ Badge Resume and KPI’s

‘C’ Badge Resume and KPI’s

C Grade Tester Training Report

Netball Australia Umpire Test Report

Section II Umpire Exam Instructions

Community Umpire Toolkit