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How can I become an Umpire?

There are many opportunities to become involved as an umpire in
netball, with clear pathways and support structures available for
those aspiring to officiate at the highest level.

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Online e-Learning

Netball Australia has a range of online courses, exams and learning
material available to support the development of umpires. Online
e-Learning provides
resources required for C-Grade Badge testing.

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Accreditation and Updates

The education of umpires is critical to the continued success and growth
of the game of netball. Umpires who are willing to learn will find greater
enjoyment and satisfaction in their role.

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Netball Victoria is committed to increasing the number and standard of
umpires, and provides a range of services and development programs
for umpires of all standards across Victoria.

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Umpiring provides you with so much more than just the ability to officiate
the rules of the game. Browse a list of opportunities on offer to people
who would like to umpire and feel connected, respected and energised.

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Netball Australia is responsible for developing resources to support the
education of umpires within the netball community, including information
about pathways in your local community

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