100 reasons to play netball


With 100 days to go until Netball World Cup in Sydney, we have put together a list of 100 reasons to play netball.

1. Have fun

2. Improve coordination skills

3. Increase competitiveness

4. Learn from qualified coaches and umpires

5. Make friends with the same interests

6. Learn to work as a team

7. Keep in shape

8. Learn lifelong skills

9. Boost self-confidence

10. Reduce stress

11. Improve peripheral vision

12. Improve your school grades

13. Learn and improve on goal-setting skills

14. Learn how to be focused

15. Improve motor skills

16. Develop strategic thinking skills

17. Express yourself on the court

18. Increases quality of life

19. Gets kids away from the T.V and social media for a few hours

20. Reduces risk of obesity, diabetes, depression and low-self esteem 

21. Increase mental resilience

22. Learn how to treat and prevent injuries

23. Expand the network of people you know

24. Learn how to multitask with playing defence and offence

25. Become a strong, resilient person

26. Rules can be modified to cater for different ages and abilities

27. Opportunities to improve and progress

28. Netball teaches you things about yourself that you didn’t know

29. You can get creative with team names and uniforms

30. Boys and men are welcome

31. Mixed netball is thriving

32. Learn how to make quick decisions

33. Netball works towards a team goal

34. Gain respect for others

35. To know when to lift your head and push through

36. Opportunities to gain coaching and umpiring accreditations through Netball Victoria

37. Become more patient

38. Netball makes you happy and increases endorphins

39. Cope with your emotions

40. Career opportunities through playing, coaching, umpiring and officiating

41. Learn not to give up

42. Learn to take one for the team

43. Netball is a great way to get fit

44. Increase leg muscle through running, sprinting, jumping and dodging

45. Burn around 450 calories a game

46. Gain endurance

47. Become a great sprinter

48. Opportunity to collect participation medals

49. Improve cardiovascular fitness

50. Improve agility

51. The friends you make in netball are friends for a lifetime

52. Improve hand-eye coordination

53. Improve reaction time

54. Netball is a non-contact sport

55. Strong link to the Melbourne Vixens

56. Netball is played in many different states, city and towns

57. You can start playing from a young age

58. You can play a range of positions or develop your skills in a specific position

59. Develops healthy competition

60. Learn to follow the rules

61. Develop ball skills

62. Netball includes everyone

63. Opportunities to win competitions and prizes through Netball Victoria

64. Many different age levels

65. Netballers have great sportsmanship

66. Develop time managing skills

67. There are many different leagues of netball

68. Professional players run a variety of clinics

69. Played in many different countries

70. Netball promotes a healthy lifestyle

71. No age limits

72. Encourages you to make friends

73. You can get in a good amount of exercise for that day

74. Become cohesive with your team

75. Be able to read the play

76. Have great mascots support for the game and your team

77. There is a great amount of fandom for the sport

78. There are many opportunities for volunteering in netball

79. Netball can be played anywhere at any time

80. Netball Victoria supports every level of netball

81. Netballers have a variety skill levels

82. You can benefit from Netball Victoria’s membership program

83. Great experience from playing a tough sport

84. Professionals have meet and greets

85. Feel accomplished after every match

86. Create uniform options

87. Strive for excellence

88. Netball gets the whole family together

89. There are many different coloured netballs to collect and play with

90. There are many different types of runners specific to netball

91. Netball is a passion not just a sport

92. Netball coaches are the best and most supportive

93. Knowing what your teammate will do without even talking

94. Have organisations like One Netball which promote inclusiveness in netball

95. There are many tournaments run by Netball Victoria that you can participate in

96. You can meet new people at games and tournaments

97. Netball is a game that gives you a lot back

98. Netball calms you down from a long day of school or work

99. Hard work pays off in netball

100. You can benefit from Netball Victoria’s sponsor offers, for example savings on RACV Resort accommodation