Netball Victoria launch new strategic plan

Netball Victoria have announced their strategic plan for the next five years, launching the 2014-2018 plan at the Westpac Centre on Thursday night.

Key government stakeholders, sponsors, partners, staff and friends of Netball Victoria attended the event which outlined the future of netball across Victoria.

CEO of Netball Victoria Michelle Plane said that “Netball in Victoria is strong, and it is our responsibility to respect and build on our past, while responding to the needs of the current environment to grow that strength so that our great sport is here for future generations.”

“We have three goals that combine with one overarching aim – to grow netball.  In order to grow participation and involvement we need to work on our capacity.  In this instance it means helping staff, associations and volunteers with training and systems that work, and it also means that we help make sure we have quality facilities to play netball,” Ms Plane said.

“We need to have strong support for netball from government, corporate, community and media sectors.  In turn that support helps continue to build growth in participation, facilities and all other aspects of netball.  Our aim is that this force continues to grow into a powerful cycle of interest, promotion, awareness, support, development, involvement and participation that keeps rolling like a growing snowball.  A snowball and a network that continues to drive growth and ensures netball is strong, sustainable and relevant long into the future.”

Click here to watch the Netball Victoria 2014-2018 Strategic Plan