Netball Victoria recognises the importance of healthy eating and is committed to creating an environment which supports healthy food and drink choices for NetSetGO participants, parents and coaches. With the support of VicHealth, Netball Victoria is currently taking part in the State Sport Program which aims to make “the healthy choice the easy choice in community sport settings.”

Netball Victoria encourages junior netball players to eat and drink well to feel great and perform at their best.  Sports Dietitian’s Australia has developed a booklet offering guidance for meeting the nutritional needs of children aged 5 – 11 who play netball. To download this resource, visit

Nutrition Australia provides information on good nutrition to build healthy bodies, help them concentration at school and fuel their day to day activities with a focus on meeting their dairy requirements.

If you are looking for some new ideas for kid’s meals. Nestle’s “Healthy Active Kids” provides you with some delicious and nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch (lunchbox) and snacks. Get the kids in the kitchen to help you prepare some yummy meals.


Netball clubs, associations and NetSetGO Centres have a responsibility to ensure that their programs and competitions are in an environment where they can make healthy food and beverage choices and aware of the benefits of healthy choices and the potential health risk associated with unhealthy food and beverage choices.

Implement guidelines for your club, association and centre with the template Becoming a Healthy Choices Association


Netball Victoria completed a project involving five (5) NetSetGO centres in 2016. This project involved observing the snacking habits of participants prior to their session, as well as their concentration levels. An intervention was then put in place, where healthy snacks were provided each week, and concentration levels once again observed. The following term, snacks were removed and participants eating habits were noted, and the concentration levels once again observed. To read the results, refer to the journal article published,

To see the success of the project at Port Melbourne Netball Club’s NetSetGO program, please watch the case study.