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Gambling and sport have become synonymous in recent years and is a growing concern for communities and sporting clubs across the state. Netball Victoria has partnered with the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation to support its sporting club program that encourages clubs to take a responsible approach to gambling within their club.

Responsible Gambling Charter

The centerpiece of the program is a responsible gambling charter that clubs are asked to sign to demonstrate their commitment to minimising the exposure of gambling activities and advertising to young people, and to raise awareness about the potential risks of gambling in their club community.

Education sessions

Participating clubs must host an education session at their club rooms for players, parents and other staff. The presentation runs for approximately 45 minutes and covers topics including signs to look out for your mates, tips to keep your gambling in control and reasons why people gamble.  The presentation also includes a talk from foundation Ambassador, Matthew Torcasio about his struggle with gambling.

The program is completely free and flexible, the foundation will work with participating clubs to implement the program throughout the season. The following resources will provide you with more information about the program and how your club can get involved.

For more information, please contact Netball Victoria or the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation on 9452 2600 or visit gamblingsnotagame.com.au

Download: Program Brochure

Download: Responsible Gambling Charter

Download: Education Sessions

Download: Charter Champions

Download: Non Compliance Information

Download: Program Application Form